Monday, October 25, 2010

A New Day

Well, I hoped that maybe, just maybe, my camera would come home. I called and e-mailed Southwest Airlines, and called the airport, but no luck.

I went out and bought a new camera, thinking that would certainly bring the other one home.

We went here


And we got this


And still my other camera remains lost.

So here we go again. Except for this time, I put a note in the new case with my card and my home address and phone number begging finder to return camera, or at least return the memory card.

I remain very sad.

So instead of all the great Vegas pics, and clever airport stuff, and Cody’s ceremony, all I have is this.


Jack in the tub.


Jack walking around


Jack fighting with Chat.


Jack and Chat-the blur.

See? I was experimenting with the old camera, actually. It was broken-the batteries kept losing charge, it was blurring the pictures (when they weren’t supposed to be blurred-unlike above), the exposure wasn’t right and it was acting all funky. But it healed itself and has been taking ok pictures lately. Except, they don’t upload correctly when I plug the camera in the computer. Jeepers. It is always something.

But, it is taking ok pictures.



It was a bit of a gray day.


I tried to crop out the hill billy trampoline, but it is un-cropable.

The new camera took this picture


See what I mean? This isn’t quite as clear as the big camera, but it will do.

And it also took this picture-which was really much too clear.

DSC00003 - Copy

By the way, Dave has his corner of the couch perfectly balanced with pillows so every part of his body is completely propped up. He does not expend one single calorie having to support his own body weight.

It’s more than a little disturbing. (Note the remote on the arm rest-usually he has it sitting on his shoulder)

I have been working on the shop quilt and I have finished 7 flowers, and have started on the next seven. I have 28 total. I hate them. They are approximately 28 pieces each. (“Approximately” because I don’t trust my counting on the picture and I am too lazy to get up and look)


Lastly, my two blog muses-side by side

P1010288 P1010291

Can you tell who is who?


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