Monday, March 29, 2010

Let the Races Begin

Last weekend I started the racing season with The St. Patrick’s Human Race in St. Paul. It was the perfect day for it. Temp in the 50’s, slight breeze, lots of sun.

Dave and I drove up and got there way early. So we drove around the Highland neighborhood, browsed at Barnes and Noble, checked out the neighborhood, then went back to the University of St. Thomas and parked. We walked up to Subway and got some lunch.

And then it was time to race. This race is on Summit Avenue and is out and back, meaning that we run out and go around a little block and come right past where we started. So…

I got out in the street


And hung around (I realize that although I might not look so bad, I don’t think it’s the best angle for the girl behind me.) I was actually tying to listen to the guy giving directions. But it was hopeless. All I know is the elite male runners were in front of me somewhere. I never actually saw them. Oh, I take that back. I saw them pass me on the turn back to the finish line.


I hung out a little more and shot Dave a little wave.

Then it was time to run-


There I am waving good bye. (I thought I noticed a lot of white legs in the crowd but now I see that my legs are the whitest of all! Jeepers.)

And here I am coming back in


42:54 minutes later, or 8:38 minute miles. Not too bad for a first race. I am still smiling and waving. And I didn’t even feel bad at all during the run. So I really liked it.

This guy won-his name is Christopher Erichsen and he is 24. FYI. (My spell-check says his name is spelled wrong-just sayin’)


In 23:57. He isn’t waving or smiling. However he is running sub 5 minute miles. But is he having fun? Really?

Dave said he heard a bunch of these  red singlet guys (and girls) talking about meeting afterwards to go for a “warmdown run”. Seriously?


Just so you know, I will never be them.


Last week the girls and I went on a work field trip-again. We are all about our trips. This trip was to the Mayo equipment store, where they have all sorts of fun donated stuff to give away, in a huge warehouse.

There were all sorts of volunteers packing up goods for Haiti and other parts of the world. But we found a few things that interested us.

Group with crutches 

We started digging for crutches, walkers and canes. Mary K is in the forefront digging for all she’s worth. I think Kris referred to it as dumpster diving, although technically we weren’t in a dumpster and I think the goods were a cut above dumpster fare.

Mary and Sarah 

Mary found a pod of walkers and off we went.

Cathy and I got happy with a quad cane while Anne had fun with crutches.

Sarah and Cathy

Kris was ecstatic  to push the cart around and Anne snagged a good lookin’ commode chair.


All in all, we made a good haul for our client’s, and had a pretty good time.

Group - Copy

L to R-Cathy, Ann, Kris, Mary K,. I am sitting on a little bath bench.

Ali brought Chase to work last week with the outfit that Laura and I bought for him. Well, Laura picked it out while I offered moral support over the phone.


See the little pea coat? It is so cute.

He gave us all sorts of faces with his little binky.

DSC01209 DSC01210 DSC01208 

He saved his happy face for Ali.


Now that is a cute picture.

Happy Spring!

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caillie said...

Haapy Spring!!!
Congrats on the run!