Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday 2010

Last week was my birthday. I got a ton of good wishes on FaceBook. That was fun. I didn’t know I had so many friends.

I also took a bunch of days off. The annual birthday vacation. I didn’t go anywhere, stayed home and celebrated.

On Wednesday, I had birthday luncheon at HuHot with the girls.


There’s Cathy, Melissa, and Kris.


And here’s me, Mary K, and Laura. (We all know Laura, she’s famous around the blogosphere)

We are fantabulous co-workers.

Cathy, the sweet girl that she is, brought me a cake from Daube’s. The other girls also gave me birthday cards and gift cards to Subway and Pine Needles. WooHoo


That was seriously delicious cake. It weighed about 5 pounds and was chocolate. We all had a piece before we left. I brought the rest home. Didn’t last long. Oh, and Melissa donated some Baklava she made. Oh. My. God. So good. So, so good.

The boys and Dave and I had lunch on Friday, my birthday, at Red Lobster. It’s Lobsterfest you know. Cody gave me a gift card from Pescara (I think that’s the name). It’s a restaurant across the street from Red Lobster. 

Dave and I were very full that night so we had ice cream and cake for dinner.


I got some presents too.


Inside these presents, from Dave, were these gifts.


Electric Tea Kettle (a hit at the office), some massage gift certificates, a Sarah shirt and mug.

Here’s a close up


Can you read it?


Maybe this is better. Either way, Sarah is the correct spelling of the name.


The cat likes it too. And Trixie is keeping an eye on things, even though she would rather be doing this


Or this


Martha sent me some presents too


The spinner book is really good. It is full of information about what makes yarn, why worsted is worsted, what makes animal and fiber yarn, how to prepare yarn for spinning etc etc. I really want to spin. Although I fear another craft……I can now work on getting some classes, maybe even in the cities since winter is getting over and I don’t have to worry about driving there in a blizzard. Of course, it means investing in another expensive tool-a wheel. We’ll see.

So that’s the birthday week. Am back to work. It’s already almost Wednesday. (Technically, it is Wednesday since Tuesday work is done).

I am officially another year older.


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caillie said...

That cake really looked cute! The big cake looked yummy too!
Electric kettle is always a good idea, do you have a french press?
Glad you had a wonderful birthday!