Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here….I hope

This past week or so has been pretty sweet weather-wise. Last week it was almost 60. Then it got a little cool but today was back to the 50’s. And Sunny!

Last week we had a visitor-and I must say it was about time.


Kristin came and brought my little Tater Pie! Otherwise known as Peyton. Kristin was passing by and came in for a visit-probably because she was afraid not to after all the pressure I have been putting on her to bring Payton to see us. And can you see why? Look at how our little Tater is growing up. She is 10 months now.


Still our porcelain girl. And she has quite the personality.


I wish this picture was a little clearer because I really like it.

So anyway, we also had a visit from our resident hawk

DSC01199 - Copy

See up in the tree? Ok, a little closer


There-see him now? It’s a very red tailed bird.

My tickets for the Twins/Mariners game came today. Section 117, Row 12, Seats 7,8,9. I took a picture of my Ichiro bear just because


This weekend March Madness began. And, although they said it was just mediocre, the Pac-10 is in the Sweet 16. So HA! I don’t see Kansas anywhere in there…..Go Huskies!

I finished my tree block, and now BOTM is cancelled until July which aggravates me to no end.


I will try to keep up.

Laura said that on the farm her mom is giving one of the calf’s strawberry flavored pepto-bismal. It is not actually human pepto, but rather calf pepto. I just didn’t know that they made such a product for calves. We thought maybe the flavors would be more like oat, or wheat, or spring grass. Who knew? 

Which just goes to show, you learn something new every day.


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