Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Vacation

I’m a little behind on the old blogosaurus here. That’s because I have been busy trying to get everything caught up so I could go on a little mini vacation.

So, right now, this minute I am on vacation. WooHoo!

So, because of the busy-ness, I didn’t get much in the way of news.

I did hear that Cora had a little biting incident but we are just putting that behind us…

Ali was sick today and she called me (I worked this morning) and I got to talk to Chase for a minute. He was in the best mood. I was cracking up. He was standing up all by himself. I am a little peeved at Ali as I don’t have any new pictures…..However, new pictures of Morgan are on the way and they are really, really cute.  Yasmeen sent me some pictures of Raize like a dope I didn’t send them to this computer. She is 5 months old now and looking pretty dang adorable! Crikey.

Grampa sent me a couple of pictures


He says that is a Flicker. Whatever that is. Good picture though.

But mostly he sends me pictures like this


Or this (do not adjust your picture-he is upside down)


Which tells me that Grampa has a bit of a squirrel infestation problem.

Laura finally went out to the farm but her camera had a little battery issue and only got one picture.


I think that is the perfect “Spot” but that is not his (her?) name. The other one is PeeWee I believe. And still no picture of our Twinkles. This is a very difficult task for Laura so I can’t complain about only getting one picture. I need to be happy for what I get (as Laura said in the e-mail-“Happy Now?”). Although I’d be happier for more pictures. Enough said.

Besides, there is no water at the farm today which is stressing us out. (Um, is it starting to sound like it’s MY farm? I am sensing an emotional attachment forming)

I finished everything but the border for the Block of the Month of 2008.


Not taking a close up because the panels don’t line up well at all. Trust me. But the cat once again got in on it.



She is carrying this thing all over the house


See it on the floor?

Here it is, close up on the ottoman


At first we thought perhaps the dogs had actually taken an interest in this toy, but no, it is that cat. She carries it all over. This week she has taken an interest in putting it on the bed. She carries it on the fuzzy end sticking straight out. Weird. I only know this because I saw her when she thought I wasn’t looking. If I look then she pretends she has never seen it before in her life.

Say, did I ever show the pictures of Blane and the little dog?



I loved that little dog. I think her name is Callie. It belongs to Blane’s former room mate. I just found the pictures and thought I’d throw them in.

Ok, back to finishing. I also finished a couple of blocks for the Great American Aran Afgan (GAAA-it knits up just as it sounds)


I like that one. This one, not so much.


I call it the alien genital block. Sorry, but it’s just one too many bobbles.


You know you agree.

Lastly, the hawks are back outside our window up in the tree. Mr. and Mrs.


See ‘em? Ok, here they are a little closer.


Gotta love the office with windows.

Ok. Off to enjoy some more vacation. Bring it!

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caillie said...

The hawks look pretty cool esp in that close up photo. GAAA-that is pretty funny~! It is too many bobbles.
That dog is cute and not just because of the name :-)
Isn't it funny what cats play with sometimes? Certainly not their own toys.
The colors on your quilt are really nice almost spice-ish.
Too bad about no twinkles photo-but yeah you did get one better than nothing-right?
last of all HAPPY VACATION!!!!