Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cody and Kate Got Engaged

Finally we can say it. I have been sitting on this for a month now. Jeepers but I have been wanting to post this picture-

DSC01133 - Copy - Copy

It doesn’t really do it justice-perhaps this will help


Or this.

DSC01138 - Copy 

Cody bought it at Rogers and Holland, my favorite jewelry store.

He went to Puerto Vallarta and proposed. We tried to give him pointers before he left.

I was sort of on the fence about the on the knee thing-seems overdone


Then we said definitely not the “ring in the food/drink” proposal. We all know that never ends well.


He said he might do it at a restaurant-the old pressure from the crowd proposal.


Maybe with these guys playing a romantic serenade? Or not.

But I think, from what I hear, it was somewhere with a few friends watching some fireworks.


Over Puerto Vallarta.

So, after 4 years, (or so) the happy couple are engaged.



DSC00114 - Copy



Cody and the future in-laws.

So, there you have it. The big news of the day.

I took some pictures of Blane and kitten this week too.


And a picture of the one-eyed Dog (or one-eyed Did, which is his nickname, which is way too complicated to explain here)


He got a haircut this week and he didn’t like it at all, but he looks so darn cute.

Happy Easter, and Happy Spring.

Romance is in the air.

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