Monday, March 15, 2010


I have to say that I have been productive on the weekends lately.

This weekend I went to Block of the Month and found out I am knitting the wrong block! I am knitting the tree block when I should be knitting the church block. In my defense, the church block has a tree in it. I will be done with the tree (without church) block in 3 more rows, and will feature it next week.

I took the quilting BOTM quilt from 2007 to Pine Needles be quilted. After we got home and the usual Saturday chores were done, I worked on the Thimbleberries quilt from last year and by Sunday I had the center blocks done.


Busy, isn’t it?

I really wanted a better picture so I had Dave hold it up.


That will give you a better idea. It is unfortunate that when I get to this stage of the game I sort of quit caring about how things are supposed to go together and if they are even or square or in the right place. As I was putting this together I was vowing that next time the blocks will be the same size. Really.

Also, I didn’t get this picture on the first try. The first picture had this little extra


No, you can’t see it here, but if you look closely…..

DSC01192 - Copy (2)

A little closer


Jazz hands.

Or, how about this



I started to remember why I take the pictures on the floor.

And on a fun note, I also managed to score tickets to the Twins/Mariners game on Sunday August 1st. Expensive, but I think it will be well worth it. In the new outdoor Target field. WooHoo. I hope the day is nice. I won’t know who to root for, but after this many years I know Minnesota better than Seattle. Sad, but true. It will be nice to see Ichiro again though. I hope he is still there playing. Either way, I just want to go to a live, outdoor baseball game.

My seats are in the little dark blue sections-the blue section just above the last yellow section on the left.

Blane, Dave, and I will be in attendance. I hope I can knit, although I usually keep score. I can already taste the hotdogs, fries, and assorted junk food that is the staple of the Sunday afternoon baseball game.


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caillie said...

Nice seats Hope they play great!!