Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday and I’m done.

Dave’s birthday is actually tomorrow. But, because we had the pizza and cake on Friday, well, we celebrated on Friday.

I ordered a cake from Daube’s in Rochester. Seriously delicious cake. It is football decorated because this seems to be the year of the football cakes.


Yep, that’s Green Bay on there. Cool, isn’t it?

We put a few candles on it, but not the total of Dave’s birthday because that would have covered the whole cake and taken forever to light.


Dave blew them all out. He looks a little bloated there doesn’t he? Hmmm. Weird.


I didn’t have very many ideas for Dave’s birthday, and he didn’t give me much to go on.

He wanted a file cabinet so he got one of those.


Otherwise, socks and t-shirts.


Boring. I have already started my birthday list. I actually keep one all year, in case I need a quick idea for a gift for me.

Last weekend we went out and braved the after Christmas crowds because Target was having a sale on the shelving I wanted, and for a much better price than I saw on line.

I wanted these shelves because I want to use up all the old fabric I have, but because it’s in Totes I can’t find it. I also can’t stand looking at the Totes anymore. It is driving me crazy.


Doesn’t that look messy?

So Dave put these together.

DSC00950 DSC00946

Then I spent all afternoon sorting and putting away.

Now doesn’t this look better?

DSC00952 DSC00951

I can see my table again


That big stack on the left is my project stack that I was going to finish last year and am resolving to finish this year.

The shop quilt, Log Cabin in the Stars, is done. Seriously done. I hope it quilts flat. Those girls should have known better than to give me a quilt that has so many points and blocks and pieces. Jeepers.I am still pointless at heart.

So, on Saturday I finished up the corner blocks and the outer boarder. See what I mean? That is ONE corner.


And a billion of these made up the borders.


And viola, I missed two football games today but I got ‘er done.



I finished the block of the month too. Actually I finished it over a week ago but the quilt has sucked the life out of me. All I have to do is sew the rest of the little sweater on the block. I have done the upper part.


I have to say I am not too happy with it. It doesn’t look very good in real life.

When I was taking pictures look what happened-


See that blurry thing in the upper right-


Yep, the cat-again . She is pretending like she doesn’t even know I’m taking a picture. But she really does.

Martha sent me Ice Queen, a lacey head thing. I tried to take pictures of it on me, but the self portrait thing did not go well.


Blurry. But you get the picture of what it is.


This is lying flat.


This is close up-see the lace and the beads?

Very cool.

So that is the week. Oh, there was New Years Eve and Day in there, welcome to 2010! And lots of bowl games. Was sad that Oregon lost.  Am looking forward to some NFL playoff action, especially from the Packers. I can’t believe I even root for them…But now that Brett Farve is gone it’s lots easier to be a fan.

Happy New Year!

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caillie said...

YAY!!! I loved the ice queen profile. The up close photos really let you see the detail.
The shelves look really nice and you can see everything too! YAY!!!
You Go Girl!