Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas oh-nine

Christmas came to our house and it was very enjoyable and merry.

On Christmas Eve we had a big ham dinner. We had this on Christmas Eve because Cody had to work on Christmas afternoon. Or so we thought.

Here we are. And before the comments in your heads start, yes I do have the same sweatshirt on as I had on at Thanksgiving. It happens to be a favorite for fit and comfort reasons. And no, I have not been wearing it non stop since Thanksgiving, and yes, it has been washed, a couple of times since then. OK?


The boys were somewhat embarrassed that the Christmas picture should be exactly like the Thanksgiving picture (since when do they care?). They also think it’s funny that there are just the 4 of us (plus Trixie) as families around here tend to be big and live close together. I kinda like our cozy little Christmas, although it would be nice to have the graama’s around, or maybe a sister or two. But barring that, it was pretty nice and we had a great meal.


Dave cooked the ham, but I made mashed potatoes (both white and sweet mixed together), veggie and some cresent rolls (those are pretty easy really-open roll, put on sheet, cook). Delicious.

The dogs waited patiently for leftovers



They are a blur of gluttony.

Here’s a couple of miscellaneous pictures…


This one cracks me up-It’s like the little cat picture in the background is spying on Blane.


The next day looked like this


Rain and snow and ice, then some more snow with some rain. Back and forth. We did not shovel the driveway, that is for sure.


Cody, suffering from low grade fever and excruciating sore throat for the last two days called in sick to work.

Blane is still not into the pictures much


We ate delicious French toast and then opened our presents


Of course, I didn’t get pictures of the actual opening, nor do I have pictures of the presents, but they were all good.

I did get a picture of Trixie watching what was going on


And the cat hiding


Cody and Blane took off, in the snow, to Urgent Care to treat Cody’s sore throat, which turned out to be strep. Merry Christmas.

The rest of the morning was spent doing this



Yes, the 80 blocks are done and laid out. I started cutting the boarder blocks and may actually be done in a week or two. Trixie ran through the blocks dragging her blanket behind, so this is actually the second laying out of the blocks. I won’t repeat what I said when the unfortunate blanket incident occurred.

My iPod died and our cable downstairs is malfunctioning, by the way. Electronics did not have a Merry Christmas. But we still get the Packer game channel for Sunday.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas-on to the New Year.

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caillie said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! I am glad everyone made it to the urgent care and home again before the snow realy hit!