Monday, January 25, 2010

Grampa’s pictures

Yes, two posts in one day. Mainly because the dark room has absorbed all powers of memory and I forgot to post these. (So don’t forget to keep scrolling down for the other post!)

I got Grampa a bird cam for his birthday, which is this Wednesday. I ordered it and it arrived last week. It is the perfect combination of computer, photography, birds, and endless fiddling with. I don’t think I can come up with another perfect gift like that one, especially for the man who has everything.

Anyway, it’s supposed to be simple. And after several trials and tribulations I think he has mastered it. Look what he sent me.

WSBC0012 (3)

That is one good picture. But this one is my favorite.



I can’t wait to get more.


Ice Princess said...

Nice pics!! Go Granpa :)

caillie said...

That camera is a great gift for the guy who has everything but you still want to get him something to keep him busy. Great job!