Sunday, January 17, 2010


What a looong week it was. I actually worked 5 whole days. Although a couple of those days seemed equal to two days so it was mentally 7 days. Exhausting. Laura said last week that the time was going so slow it seemed like the clock was going backwards and it was 2009 again. I usually say the day is so long it should be next week.

Either way. You get the picture.

The only thing alleviating the pain was the hard hats. They are so gosh darn entertaining.

This is the kind of thing they get up to-


Seriously, doesn’t half a hard hat entertain you? Give you a little chuckle? No? Hmmm. I guess you’d have to be there.

But if you look closely, no, not at the hard hat but at the surroundings-that’s our new offices. Yep. We discovered last week that we could get up there and they, the contractors or whoever they are, would let us walk around. They actually said we could come up anytime. Which is something that should never have been said to either Laura or me, because we went up 4 times last week. We were the unofficial tour guides. Truthfully, we have the only keys that work, but we like to think that it’s our importance and charismatic personalities.

Between day one and day four they made a ton of headway. Of course, I only took a picture of day one. Had I been thinking, I’d have taken day four so you could see our little set up. Last week was not the week for remembering the picture thing. It was Laura who said-Hey, you should blog this. Duh. (I also forgot to take a picture of the cutest little dog quilt that Laura made, so I have to try to get to work tomorrow-a day off-before Mary gets her hands on it. It’s for Mary’s grandson Connor, another of the cute babies)

Anyway, this is where we will be moving sometime in the next year or two. We were going to move in Sept, then Feb, now May. Maybe.


I don’t think this picture conveys the correct ambiance of the space. But it is very bright with lots of windows and light.


Laura, hanging in the space. Looking somewhat frazzled, and that was only Tuesday-or was it Wednesday? See what I mean?


This is looking across at where I work now. We hung a sign in the window for the hard hats, but they were not as appreciative as we had expected them to be.


Maybe because they couldn’t read the “holidays” part very well. No, in real life it is clearer.

Anyway, I’ll get a better picture of our space next week. On Fridays they all leave by 3:30 so it’s a good time to sneak around up there.

Besides setting up our new offices inside, the hats were turning up in the darndest places…..

I looked out my window and there were two on the roof.


So, I thought that is interesting I think I’ll get a picture. (Yeah, I remembered about the camera for this). So I was all pressed up against the window (I do occasionally work, by the way) and they spotted me. So I started waving and they were waving and look at this-


They’re smiling and giving me a little gang sign. I was so excited.

God my life is pathetic.

Ok. So much for that. Mary K was in Oman this past week riding camels and generally causing an international ruckus by losing her pass in some sort of government area. I am really hoping to get some pictures of that for next time. AND Laura’s quilt.

Kate was here for 3 days visiting Cody. Also no pictures of that. Hardly saw them. She is planning to go out to Nevada with Cody. I think it will be the first time she will be living outside of Maine. That should be an adjustment.

And I have been working like mad on the quilt thing. I finished the surprise quilt which is at the quilters (I said that last time). Now I am almost done with last year’s BOTM.


Remember this from last week?

Well, I had to sew all those little flowers and stems and crap down. Then I started arranging the blocks, which were already finished.

DSC01006 DSC01005

I put the sashing on the blocks. And laid it out. Then I finished tacking down the rest of the stems and have the first part of the finishing done.


All I have left is the sashing around the edges and then the boarder, which is supposed to have a bunch of appliquéd flowers but is not going to have them. I remember why I don’t like appliqué, or at least appliqué with this many pieces.

So, in the spirit of the National Knit a Sweater a Month-A Dozen Sweaters (NaKniSweMoDo), this year, for me, is national finish a quilt a month-a dozen quilts. NaFiQuiMoDo. I may even exceed this, but am not going to succumb to unrealistic expectations quite yet.

Lastly, Saturday was kind of a pretty morning. So I leave you with this picture of the trees and frost.




caillie said...

Nice job on the quilt! The hats look pretty busy :-)
Atleast you are able to get into the new area vs before where there was no way you could get near it. progress.
How are you doing with all the ice? It sucks!

Jessica said...

What is that thing supposed to be?? Is it a blanket? I feel sorry for whoever has to look at it! Oh dear. It's the effort that counts I guess