Sunday, January 10, 2010

January ‘10

Today I am continuing on my resolution to finish up old projects. Last week I finished a surprise gift quilt, Laura did the back and off it went to Pine Needles for quilting.

This is what I did today



This is the center panel from the Block of the Month from last year.

I did a bad centering job for sure. I was getting frustrated by the fact that there were too many pieces to appliqué. And there is supposed to be appliqué on the boarders. Um, don’t think so. At least not to the extent that the instructions say. Maybe a few flowers. But first I have to tack all this down. That should keep me busy for the next couple of weeks.

I have received several  baby pictures recently.

Jack's B'party 003

Here’s Payton. Still as cute as ever, our little porcelain girl. Kristin hardly ever brings her around dang it. I guess I’ll have to increase the pressure.


This is Lyndsey’s Morgan. Getting ready for Thanksgiving, she says. This kid cracks me up. Every time I see her with a smile I have to laugh, not because she is funny looking, but she is such an imp. It just makes me happy to see her.


Now seriously, aren’t you just getting a little chuckle out of how happy this girl is?

But last, and not in any way least, remember this?


Laura with our little Twinkles? Number 1 Calf in 2009?

It all happened like this. We were talking one day before Christmas, and of course Twinkles came up in the conversation (seriously, if I could keep this cow in my garage I would so do it). Anyway, Twinkles was the topic and we starting thinking (always a bad idea between Laura and I) and…, well….,, this is what happened-

Twinkles with antlers

I KNOW it! Isn’t she just the best cow EVER???? Laura had quite a time getting her to pose perfectly. There was some problem with Twinkles not quite getting into the spirit, and Twinkles room mate trying to figure out why sucking on Laura’s pants wasn’t the same as sucking on a bottle. You get the idea. But look at that little Christmas calf. We have been discussing putting some jewelry on her next……

I tell ya, there isn’t much that is going to top this in 2010.


Ice Princess said...

What a lovely post beautiful pics and the applique is beautiful.

caillie said...

Great job following up on you new year's resolutions. The calf is super cute with horns on :-)