Monday, January 25, 2010

The Dark Room

Well, I was going to blog yesterday but I got so caught up in the football games I just couldn’t tear myself away long enough to do this. As Dave said, when Brett threw the final interception, “Minnesota just got Favred”. And he should know since he watched Favre do the same thing to the Packers. Lots of sad Minnesotans hanging their heads today.

But not me. Seattle was out of the game weeks ago and the Packers lost last weekend so now we are on to the finish. I have a little soft spot for the Mannings but the Saints are so happy to be going all the way. Hmmmm. We’ll have to see.

Either way, this weekend we painted. I say we but I mean Dave. I tried to get some pictures of the process but Dave was being rather evasive.


This is him hiding in the bathroom. I finally snuck up on him and got this.


He wasn’t too happy about it. I took some other pictures of the very white walls.

DSC01031 DSC01033

Dave didn’t want the blinds up because he thought people would see him. Hello-no neighbors on that side and it’s like an ice rink out there so it’s not like droves of people are walking in the park. But I left him with his phobias and went to Winona to get my hair done and walk with my friend Mary. We had a very nice walk and lunch-the rain held off until we were done.

I hurried home because I wanted to see our new color. We went on the Sherwin Williams web site and uploaded a picture of our room and tried several paint colors. We settled on Gale Force, a very lovely bluish gray sort of tone.

However, we found that the website is not true to color. Dave had looked at the color when I brought it home and said “It’s really dark” and I said “Maybe it dries lighter”. I never looked at the paint. I have learned a lesson from that mistake.

This is our new room


It is dark blue. Dark Blue. It is really pretty, but it is dark blue. The pictures make it look lighter (no, not as light as the web site). Dave said for 40 dollars a gallon we will learn to love it. He actually really likes it. I like the color, it’s very rich, but it is dark blue. We now refer to the bedroom as the Dark Room. (The lump in the bed is the cat-don’t ask)


This is really how it looks in the early morning. Hello? Anyone in there?


Oh well. It makes our old furniture look better.

We keep wondering what Roger Hazard would say about it (neutralize, people). However, it is our house so I’m not sure why we are so worried about what potential buyers will think. Oh well.

Next is the bathroom, which we will actually look at paint samples for. We have learned our lesson.

Last week was very frosty so I took some pictures out of our office windows.


Kind of pretty.

I also got the picture of Laura’s dog quilt.

DSC01013 DSC01011

Very cute. I wish I would have thought of taking a picture when someone was there to hold it up. But you get the idea.

I finished this one


I was going to put flowers on the corner of the border, and I cut some out but when I put them down I didn’t like it. So that’s that.

I cast on to finish the second beaded sock. I got to the 6th row of the Knit Purl when I discovered a knot in the yarn. Not much to worry about except it is a beaded sock, so you have to have beads travelling along with you and if there is a knot…..well, you get the picture. I had to cut the yarn and rethread the beads. Dang it made me mad.

I did get some assorted baby updates.

Here’s our resident diva.



Isn’t our Cora growing up? Angie told me some disturbing biting stories. (Ok, I’m sorry but I laughed when Angie told me Cora bit another kid because she wanted the toy the other kid had. I’m sorry, but I think it’s hilarious. Probably because it’s not something my child is doing-this time.)

And here’s our little Morgan. I am chuckling while posting. This kid just makes me smile.


Really? Seriously? You’ve gotta smile looking at that. She’s just too much. I don’t think she is ever cross or crabby. Well, maybe once….


Although I think this is related to eating ice cream or something. She is likely getting a brain freeze which explains that face. Which is still making me chuckle.

I was up to the new office so I thought I’d take a picture of what it actually looks like with cubicles. Not sure a picture conveys the idea.


But that’s where we will be. Only there won’t be a ladder or a hole in the ceiling.

Of course, the most important part of the place is the new break room, which has Laura over the moon. Every time we have gone up there, (and it’s been quite a few times now), I mean EVERY TIME this is what Laura does….


She is all about the new fridge. Not sure what she expects to find in there, but she has pointed out all the extras these bad boys come with. Note the side by side fridge/freezer (the first Laura discovery). Also note the ice maker in the door (thank you Laura-she’s the Carol Merrill of this refrigerator. Is that an obscure reference or what-think door #3). If nothing else, she will know that appliance inside and out.

Well, I’m off to finish a few more things today. Am going great guns on the finishing of projects. A day off is a glorious thing! I have to figure out how to have more of them……


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