Monday, December 21, 2009

He’s In!

Cody called me today while at was at work on my day off (that is so wrong on so many levels-but I digress). He told me he wasn’t going to take any more classes to try to get into medical school.

Disappointed, I figured that he had gotten the final rejection letter.

But NO! He said he wasn’t going to take more classes because-

Wait for it…..

He got accepted to Touro today. I about flipped. You’d have thunk I got accepted. He was so happy and I was so happy and we are still happy.

So I guess that handsome suit had some magic after all.

It seems only yesterday that Blane was trying to strangle him


Or that he was the happy baby on the couch…


…A gun totin’ little kid (back in the day when little kids could tote guns bigger than themselves)….


…..Sort of scary teenager…

scan0002 (2)

….High school grad….

graduation 017 (2)

….College grad….


….Medical School Applicant….


….And now, medical school entrant


So again, I present to you, the future of medicine


Wait, that can’t be right.

Once again, I present the future of medicine

DSC00821 - Copy

Congratulations Cody!

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