Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Could I Forget?

I wondered what I could possibly put up here next.

Then I went to my camera and found these-I had forgotten that I had taken them last week. What with all the excitement otherwise known as my life.

It’s Morgan, Lyndsey’s baby who is growing up fast. She is extremely cute in these pictures. I think she is trying to figure out what in the heck everyone is staring at. I guess she is notorious at home for a little lower lip pout action which she is trying to show off here.


Here she is with Mary K. I think she likes Mary.


And a little blurry with Carol.


I know you are wondering and so here it is..

Wait for it….

Seriously, did you really think that Laura was not lurking in the background somewhere, just waiting to hog a baby?


There could only be two reasons why Laura would not be hogging a baby-

1. She is not in close proximity of said baby or

2. The world has suddenly ended.

Um, this is Laura sort of acting like a baby. Does that count?


And speaking of babies, look at what the hard hats are up to now-

DSC00874 - Copy

(Ok, not really babies but it was a nice lead in) They are welding something onto the side of the 2100.

But if you look closely, this one is wearing more decoration than most


Meet Viking Hard Hat.


Those guys are very, very distracting…..

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caillie said...

That really is a nice hard hat! Cute baby too! :-)