Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Knitting and Candles

I had a very full day on Saturday.

First of all was Block of the Month at Kristen’s. Kristen was there as Barb was sick. We are a little group, but we are lots of fun. Plus, since Kristen expanded, we have our table back. Sweet.


Ok, Kristen, center, doesn’t look all that happy but she was. Trust me.

Lulu was also present-and posing.


She sat right next to me.

Angela, on the left, showed off a sweater she made. Isn’t it the cutest?


She did a wonderful job.

I was surrounded by this and it was hard to resist. I do believe I had to purchase a couple of skeins, but not for me.


After this, I met up with Mary and Laura and we were off to Iowa to go to the soy candle outlet store. This was really a good deal. Big candles for 4-6 dollars, smaller ones for 2. I bought a bunch and only spent 27 dollars. They smell good!

This is what the store looked like

DSC00889 DSC00888

Big store, millions of candles.

Mary bought some too. She was happier about it than this picture reflects.


And where was Laura? She ran away when I started snapping. Now, if I had had a baby…..well, you know.

We did spy some interesting things in Iowa. One of which was this-


It’s a giant chicken. On the way back we spied a giant giraffe. Next time we’ll immortalize that. Only Laura will be in the picture.

We made it home safe and sound. It was a really nice day.

Sunday I finally finished cutting this


I am making it for my favorite store, Pine Needles. Love them to death! Marcia said it might be a little piecey. Um, slight understatement.


Although this does not capture the total amount of cutting, these are all the pieces. I had to separate them so they couldn’t intermingle and confuse me.

I sewed a test block and it measured out perfectly-3 1/2 inches.


Of course, the actual blocks will not be this perfect because, as everyone knows, nothing I sew is ever quite square or even. That is what pressing is for.

These are the strips I cut for the log cabin blocks. Actually, these are the strips I cut and then cut AGAIN for the log cabin blocks.



I have now completed 10 blocks and since I am snowed in today may be able to complete the rest. (Ok, after those 40 blocks I have 40 more stars to make, so don’t think I am done at 40) It is a good thing I love to piece. I think pieced quilts are the most fun because they are challenging and they look really cool.

Yes, I said snowed in. We are in the throws of a blizzard. I think I could get to work if I could only get out of my driveway which currently is up to about 3 feet in drifts next to the garage door. Now usually I’d boof outta there in a burst of speed. But there are two problems with that. First, I have no room to speed up for successful boofing as the drift is right up against the door and secondly, I am driving the big pimpin’ car which I don’t think is at all boofable. Didn’t help that the plow went by and added a couple of feet  of hard packed snow to the end of the driveway. Dave says even if I got out, if I got stuck somewhere who would help me? I said “You would”, to which he replied “I don’t think so”. Dang. Guess I’ll just stay home.

Blizzard pictures to follow.


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