Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meldefest 09

After all the cooking and cleaning, Meldefest took place last Sunday. Really not sure why on a Sunday ‘cause I was pretty darn tired on Monday (it didn’t help that Dave made decaf on Monday AM but that is another blog entirely)

Anyway, here’s what went down.


Ed, 4th in line (Dave is 5th), arrived promptly with his son Adam. They came all the way from Decorah.


The rest of the gang trickled in pretty quickly after that. Clockwise is Joe, the oldest, then Mike, you’ve already seen Adam, then Dave’s uncle Steve (his mom’s brother) and Carol, who is married to Joe. They are noshing on chips and dips. Delicious.


Here is (from left) Carol, Mike, Barb (3rd in line) and Joe. They are looking at old picture albums which were somewhat amusing.


From left, Joe, Steve, Tom (belongs to Barb) me and Adam. Dave took because I look stupid. Dave is the king of taking pictures where I look stupid.


Steve and Tom.


And here is the whole gang. From L seated:

Barb, Mike, Me, Adam, Steve

Standing:  Joe, Carol, Ed, Dave (with cake) and Tom

DSC00373 DSC00374

Barb and Tom arrived on their Harley and were all decked out in leathers for the ride home. Wow.


Pretty wild, eh?

And that was Meldefest 09.

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