Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wall Color

Dave painted. I tried to take pictures of it. Not so successful. You can’t really see the true color of the brownish tinted walls. Especially after I was trying to edit the color. Oops.

This is for my sister Debbie who wanted me to try to carry my laptop upstairs and show her whilst we were chatting on Skype. Much too much work. So I took some bad pictures instead

This is the red wall in the living room.


The dining room is also this color but we are waiting for a picture frame to come so we can hang this picture by Fairfield Porter (brother to Eliot my fave photographer).


Cute but blurry. But you get the idea. Our frame is maple with a blue mat.

Anyway, then I tried to get the other walls, they are brownish tan.


Although they look a little green, they are not. I realized that I could not get a good reproduction of the color so I tried again in the kitchen'.


That is a little better but not quite it.


Nope, I give up. I decided it would not work so I lost interest and decided to immortalize Trixie instead


She wasn’t satisfied with her picture either-she thinks she photographs better from the other side and this picture makes her look fat.

Oh well.

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Ice Princess said...

Hi Sarah your home is beautiful!!!!