Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pimpin’ your Porta Pottie

People, really.

If they expect us to be professional and upstanding employees at all times, then things like this should not appear at our back door.


Because once I drove up and spotted these babies, ideas immediately popped (I almost wrote pooped-how Freudian…) into my head.

But, being the dedicated employee that I am, I quickly entered the building to continue doing the important work that I do, and found Laura, whom I personally know as one of the hardest working employees at the firm, and someone quite probably as demented as I.  In a good way, of course.

Well you should have seen her eyes light up when I told her what had appeared at our back door. And, as you can see, the wheels started turning.

Friends, the possibilities are endless

DSC00359 - Copy

I sent Laura in on a recon mission-truthfully I sent her in there because I wanted a good picture for the blog and to document the exact moment when two great minds were thinking alike.

Did I mention this might be a hard hat area so already we have committed about 18 safety violations?

We’ll worry about that later (if we get caught)

In the meantime,  let the pimpin’ begin.

I googled the topic-decorating porta potties.(what did we do before google? Did we, like, have to think things up all by ourselves? Crikey.) And I am happy to report that Laura and I are really quite normal in the grand scheme of things because I came up with 91,700 hits. Now these are not all decorating porta pottie topics per se, but there are enough to get some ideas.


Here is the firehouse porta pottie. Seems like a lot of work. Plus we are going for a classier look.


Here we have the castle theme-sort of goes with the throne concept of bathrooms. Still, I am not sure we are looking for this type of motif. However, we must consider our target audience (thanks MPH program) which are construction workers, so maybe……


You can’t see this too well but it is sort of a flowery, garland type of deal. Too feminine? Perhaps.


This is a Christmas themed project, but what I like about it is this little detail


A porta pottie gnome. How can you go wrong with that? I am thinking a gnome with a hard hat. Tasteful, safety conscious, and relevant to the setting.

Then I ran across this headline-Naked Man Rescued From Porta-Potty. I hope this doesn’t happen to us because Laura and I cannot be responsible. Plus, there wouldn’t be a completely naked man in our potties because he would be wearing a hard hat.

Now this one I thought was clever, but rather frightening and we certainly don’t want to have the bejeezus frightened out of the workers BEFORE they get into the pottie. That defeats the purpose of having a pottie, don’t you agree?


The following were decorated by women engineers of Alaska (Interestingly many of these photos are from the Pacific NW. I wonder if there is something to that as I am from the Pacific NW AND lived in Alaska? I don’t have an excuse for Laura-yet)


I do like the calculator door idea and really like the things to do and read on the walls. The downside to this is we are on a timeline and we do want to get the upstairs of the building finished before the snow flies so maybe we don’t want to encourage spending a lot of time actually being entertained in the pottie. Just a thought.

So I guess for more ideas we can go here. I especially like this idea

“Place a Tiki-Torch in front of each toilet. If there are 2 or more, use a torch for each one. At night this will definitely help guests see their way.”

I don’t think we need to borrow trouble with open flame though. So maybe the Tiki Torches?-not so much.

Any other bright ideas?

Addendum-I just spent 45 minutes looking at porta potties. I’d like to say holy crap but, well, you know.

However (and I don’t seem to be able to stop) if you want to see a porta pottie that is the mother of all porta potties-go here. Even the employees would be using these babies.


Lucky said...

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Port a Potties said...

Ha Ha... great stuff. I've always wondered why companies that lease toilets don't jazzy up their john rentals.

Always 'blue' or 'gray'... how bout some makeshift castles. LOL