Saturday, February 2, 2013

The One Where Grampa Turns 90……


So, Grampa’s birthday was last weekend. And it was quite the party.

We planned for a couple or three months to have a nice party for G-pa. We invited all sorts of family members (and adopted family members), set up the Tacoma Country Club, made the menu’s, got the cake, and settled in for a fun reunion.

Blane, Cody, and Marel (Cody’s girlfriend, also a dr student-they were known as “The Doctors”) arrived



But let me back up-

During the afternoon of this day, Blane and the dr.’s were out in the front yard playing Frisbee when this happened-


Do you see the problem here? A car is not supposed to be driven up over the sidewalk and forcibly parked on the decorative rocks of the Valencia Apartments.

So, when I drove up, I saw all sorts of cops in front of my house and I couldn’t get to my house the usual way I wondered what the hell my family was up to now.

Turns out that during the Frisbee game, the old guy pulled out in front of the silver car guy and the rest is history. The Frisbee players all turned around when they heard the noise, and, as Blane tells the story, “Marel took a Frisbee to the dome” Yep, the Frisbee was released just as the accident occured and Marel caught said Frisbee with her head.

Either way, no one, including Marel, was hurt. The boys helped the old guy out of the car and someone called 911. The rest is history.

IMG_1478 IMG_1481

Who says this burg isn’t happening?

But back to the story of the party-


We went out to dinner with my cousins who I hadn’t seen for a while on Friday, and then on Saturday it was time for the party.

I got the phone call around 9ish that Mother wasn’t well. I called the Dr’s and my sister and we all showed up to the apt. After some talk, we decided that I would take Mother to the hospital as she seemed very dehydrated and out of it. So, I did.

The Dr’s went to get ready and I lined out Dave and Blane on cake duty-

It was a fab cake-


A forest scene.

I got to go see it. For a while. Because I spent all of the day, except for a couple of hours, in the ER. With Mother.

But, I did get over to the party, which was super fab, and got some food and some pics-






Old Cousins


Young Cousins





Garner cousins


Adopted family! (Mara tara…..Those who know, know)

Nina and I were reminiscing about our childhood and Mara said we were “terrible”. Us? Nina and I still can’t believe she would say such a thing…


And my Rosie Girl-


And after all was said and done, here’s Dave, who came down about 3 to sit with me and Mother.


The ER is so much fun.

Mother didn’t do so well throughout the day. And by about 6 we realized, much to our horror, that she was not just dehydrated, but was actually having a massive GI bleed, and was trying very hard to bleed out. Once we figured that out, people moved quickly and off they whisked her to the ICU. Several units of blood later, she perked up, but still remains in the hospital, much to our dismay.

So, today I am off to run, then to the hospital to see if we can expedite the process of springing her from their clutches.

So, G-pa turned 90 but it was a little bitter sweet.

Lastly, we did go the the home show at the Tacoma Dome this week. It was day one, Wed, and the last hour and a half so we basically had the place to ourselves.

The last place we went was the best place-the antique corner.

They had these-



They had all sorts of farm animals made out of recycled tin. But these reminded me of Beyonce-(go here for the backstory)

I wanted to get a farmload of metal livestock but Dave asked where would we put them and was all practical and realistic and a total buzzkill on the tin farm in the backyard. Sigh.

What a week.

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caillie said...

Big Hugs!!! I am glad your Mom is doing better and they figured out what was going on! Such a gorgeous photo of the lake!!