Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quit Complaining

You know, some people (Laura, Nancy…) have bitched about mentioned that on occasion the blog has gotten a little behind.

May I say, in my defense, that some people (same as above mentioned) do not realize the obstacles that I  face.

Exhibit A

Anyone seeing an issue here?


Wait-let me get closer.



Really? Enough said.

I haven’t been showing off the fact that 1) I was weeding the garden two weeks ago which was 2) the same weekend I planted flowers in the beds.

IMG_1534 IMG_1532 IMG_1533

Oh I know it. This would be unthinkable right now in St. Charles, where it was 5 degrees this AM.

And lastly, this weekend was Madrona, the knitting Mecca of Tacoma. I even took a day off for it.

The events started on Thursday. I rushed home from work to meet up with my friend Julie. We had delicious dinner at the Sushi place (I LOVE the Sushi place), then we went to the Madrona Teachers Talent Show.

I got one picture of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee because there was a strict media ban AND, well, as she said, you really can’t explain the Teacher’s Talent Show anyway.


Oh My God she is hilarious. The best MC ever for a talent show. She told very bad jokes like-Where do you find a dog with no legs?

Right where you left him.

Sooooo, moving on.

Friday Martha came down. Mother got sprung from the nursing home so that took up some of the morning.

BUT-the afternoon was market place at Madrona.

I tried to hold back but did get a bag (so I could deconstruct and copy it make some of my own  admire the craftmanship) and a skein of yarn with a pattern to make a head band.

I saw a giant ball of yarn with giant knitting needles..


Hard to tell that it’s a giant ball of yarn, so here’s Martha, used shamelessly for scale….



Today, Saturday, we shopped around this AM for toilet risers. No, not for us. Yet. And we each took a class this afternoon at Madrona, which was fab.

And now, I am spending the evening with Dave, because I really haven’t seen him since Wednesday, and I need a little down time.

Nothing like a fab 3 days, ending up with down time at home with Dave.

Beat that.

And quit complaining……


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caillie said...

Obviously you can't type with the baby on the keyboard! I love the photos for scale!!! I am so glad you had fun!