Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Houses Are Fun

At least mine is.

We are finally, finally getting settled and unpacked. It has taken a while, and we still need to get rid of some more stuff. My sewing room is just a little bit crowded. But, like, really? I can get rid of some of that? Are you kidding?




See what I mean? I need some stuff on the walls yet, and maybe a couple of shelves hung up.  But, there is it. Dave bought some shelving for the other part of the basement so I have been able to put a couple of sewing machines out there and off the floor. And I need to rearrange a few more things to get the stash freed up. But I am hot to get sewing again. Very soon.

The rest of the basement is a man cave.

IMG_1458 IMG_1457

The mirror is up on the wall now, and those boxes are stored in the space behind the couch. But we need to hide them a little bit better.

The upstairs is all done.




Living room


Trixie in the living room…..






It’s hard to get a good shot of the bathroom, really, it’s too small even though it’s a pretty big bathroom. So I took a picture of me in the bathroom.


And our office


With the orchid that rode across the county in the back of the car with three cats, two dogs, and a bird.


We hung the little cat picture


Which looks startlingly like Yeltsie


Only happier.

And after all that I realize I forgot to take a picture of the whole upstairs, which is a long hall and another bedroom. Jeesh. And I forgot the back yard. Ok, next blog. I guess I’m still a little lost in my own house.

Next weekend is the big partay for the G-pa’s 90th b-day. Relatives are coming from all over. Should have some fab bloggage after that.

I ordered a cake from here. So I thought I should probably go there and make sure the goods are cakeworthy.

Oh mandy. I almost had to have a lie down just being in the place. They had samples of some orange cake with mousse that was to die for. We took the sampling very seriously. Probably more seriously than the Cake people had intended.

I did buy some cupcakes. And I can honestly say they lived up to my exacting cake standards. We saved some for my sister who came for dinner on Monday.


And she proclaimed it cakalicious.

I can’t WAIT till Saturday!


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