Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Can’t Make This Up-

But I wish I could.

Conversation with my 28 year old son this AM-on Facebook.


Blane Geddes why is the rum gone?

Sarah Melde You better be kidding.

Blane Geddes i was, i dont drink rum. but wait till you hear my phone story

Sarah Melde Oh God........Please tell me you still have your phone.

Blane Geddes call it please

Sarah Melde I called it and no one answered. What does that mean?

Blane Geddes god dammit. I have the back half of it and i dont know where the rest of it is. I never left here last night so it must be here somewhere. it aint easy beein me

Sarah Melde Say what? You have the back half and not the actual phone? How much did you drink last night?

Sarah Melde It rings for a while so it's on, not going straight to VM.

Blane Geddes keep callin it i heard it vibratin

Blane Geddes its under the fridge, ill call ya in a minute

Sarah Melde I'm not even there and I'm finding your crap. (PS Is it humiliating to have a convo with your mother on FB?)

Alder Olive so funny!

Even better is that he told his brother that he lost his phone down the toilet (no, I don’t know why), then left me a Voice Mail to tell me not to tell his brother that he actually lost his phone under the refrigerator. Should I point out there is this huge thread on FB for all the world to see, including his brother, or wait until the obvious?


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