Monday, February 25, 2013

The “It’s all about Me” issue

So, it really is all about me. And it’s about time.

Enjoying my final week at the job I’ve had since September. Looking forward to starting a new job, close to home, right in Tacoma. Even better. No more of this crap-

IMG_1528 - Copy

However, I want to stop changing jobs now. It’s time to settle down. Because otherwise, I feel like life is finally getting back to normal.

So, back to me. Last week I did a couple of things.

One day Dave, me and the dogs took a walk to Day Island.



And then there’s me-in baggy pants. Jeesh.


See what I mean? No one has ever told me those pants looked like riding jodhpurs.

The next day I did the bar run-starting from Dorky’s in beautiful downtown Tacoma.

Me and 40 or 50 of my closest friends running in the dark through downtown. It’s really quite a blast. I tried to interest Dave in a stroll but he was more interested in the games than the run.


Did I mention I got a new Cybershot? Well I did and it’s pretty small and you can get your finger in front of the lens if you aren’t careful.

See where this is going-because here’s the pic Dave took of me running by him on the street.


Nuff said.

The bulbs are really coming up.



And Jack got out last week. Which I thought might be good for him, because I am having a wee bit of an issue with cats these days.

First it was this-


Innocent enough, a couple of balls of yarn brought upstairs.

Like this….


But then, just the other day, I went downstairs and found this


What? (returning to the scene of the crime)



Someone has a problem. Although…


I did find the color grouping and the combination of textures intriguing.

No wait-obviously the next purchase is a door to the stash. Because someone is out of control.

This weekend I raced.


There’s me-running in the pink.

I ran well and after 9.3 miles I was done.


How great is that? But the best part is today, when I read the results, I was #1 in my age group. The worst part is that they got my age wrong and they think I am 59. Say what? I sent an e-mail today to correct. I still placed, in top 5 masters, 2nd in my age-my real age that is.

Because 59? No, I can’t even cheat and feel good about that.

So, as my favorite saying goes-

That’s enough about me, what about you, what do you think of me?

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