Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthday Post-and a shocking lack of imagination……(It even bored me a little)

The blog post that is, not my adventures.

Last week was my birthday. And I have the bad pictures to prove it.

We celebrated weekend before last, so technically it wasn’t quite my birthday yet. But close enough. We actually started celebrating Friday PM because that was the last day of my old job (aka hell). And Martha and I went to Sew Expo (S’expo, as she likes to write it).

And I didn’t take one picture of it. But it was a pretty huge fabric and needle arts Expo. Oh yes it was.

Saturday morning we got up and did something, but for the life of us we can’t remember what. We know we got pizza and went to Safeway, but before that it’s a blur. I think the library was in there somewhere.

Anyway, this is how it looked when we got home.

DSC00036 - Copy

Yeah, I don’t know what he’s watching either..

Or what about this-Dave and his little friend-

DSC00044 - Copy

But I think I was supposed to post this one-(Dave gets a little cranky when I only post the crazy ones)

DSC00037 - Copy


After this, we made pizza and had delicious cake. It really was delicious.


I think the photographer is getting shakyDSC00053

I got some good presents too

Now, this one is a shawl that my sister knit. I have two other pictures of me spreading the shawl out for viewing. However, my photographer was a bit unsteady and they were all blurry. So, Here’s this one. Best part-Dave in the window.



I got a new tablet and a lighted mirror so I can see the wrinkles close up. I had a very happy birthday. But we really fell down on the pictures. Dang. I think it may be because Laura, my blog muse, is not around to make me be the best that I can be. Or at least take better pictures. Or something.

Sunday was a day to be outside.

I made the mistake to let the cats out and they were all bad


Yeltsie went under these chairs, but Jack went over the top and escaped, and when I went to catch him he yelled at me like I was killing him which was a wee bit embarrassing.

But before he went over the wall, he helped Dave garden.


Trixie enjoyed it immensely


We took dinner to the gramma’s in the afternoon and took a walk around the club-mainly to see if we could spy on the old house, but we couldn’t get close enough to the back.


Monday I started my new job. Again. Jeesh. I am done starting new jobs so this is the last new job I am starting. Does that make any sense at all?

I have a window for now-


And if I look far enough around I can see a tree-


Unfortunately we are moving at the end of the month and I will lose my window. And that will make me a little sad.

And Thursday was the evening run-at the Irish bar Paddy Coyne’s, where next Saturday I’ll be running a 10K.

I think we needed a flash…


Ah ha. And that’s the end of last week. We took Happy to the vet on Saturday and out to dinner with the grammas. Happy was ok and still weighs about 18 pounds.

Sunday the girls came over and my friend Julie gave me another shawl. Yes. A purpley one to go with my blue one.

Purple shawl

This picture is positively frightening. If I had more time I’d be photo shopping the hell out of that. But Julie’s shawl looks beautiful doesn’t it?

So now-onto week two of new job and everything else.

Happy Daylight Savings Time to all.



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Amber Fernandez said...

Oh you're a picture taker! I always want to be one, but I hate dealing with all the pictures. I wish they would just sort themselves, save the good ones, and post them onto my blog.

You type just like you talk! I LOVE you, Sarah!

Your cats make me giggle and I love them too! You are such a good mama!