Sunday, June 3, 2012

I know, I’m Working on It.

I took a mental health break, but am back and working on it. I can feel your impatience from here.

Should have pictures and everything by tomorrow. (It’s been busy for sure)

In the meantime, actual conversation just this AM between me and Dave.


Lying in bed (not X rated or anything like that-keep reading and get your mind out of the gutter-and seriously if you are having thoughts like that about me and Dave-go turn yourself in to the appropriate authorities right now because that’s just a little disturbing)

Cat is scratching like hell at the door (Who else-Jack) because he heard the coffee pot go off and thinks he is now dying of starvation because it’s morning time to eat and has to come in the bed room to waste away before our very eyes so we can wallow in our guilt for starving him in the first place.

Me-(as Dave gets up) What are you doing?

Dave-I am beating the cat with a shoe.

Me-You can’t beat the cat with a shoe. The cat is 5 times bigger than my shoe anyway.

Dave-I’ll scare him with the shoe

Me-(insert sarcasm font here) Brilliant.

Dave gets back in bed as cat continues to scratch on door

Me-I’m letting him in here before he shreds the door and we have to hang a blanket over the opening because we will never get around to getting a new door. And that’s just a slippery slope to hanging beads as a door and it’s all downhill from there.

Jack-in room now, on bed, off bed, back on bed, in face, off face, on Dave, quickly off Dave then by the bathroom and-then-

Hork, hork hork, LOUD HORK, Deep hork, three mercy horks.

Me-Holy crap, do you think anything is coming out?

Dave-How could it not be?

Jack-Embarrassed silence

Me-Jeez, is it over yet? That was wild.

Dave-I wish I could get that as my ringtone.

I’d call him every hour.


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sairy said...

oh my goodness this had me laughing like an idiot in my cubicle.