Monday, June 4, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

It’s been fast, so fast it made me tired. Things happened, moods came and went. What went around came around, only more with a vengeance.

And now I’m back, trying to blog it with what little dignity I have left.

Last week I had posted pictures of our Cora Belle, and made the inference that maybe her pictures might be cuter than pictures of my children.

Let’s see….


IMG_0365 - Copy IMG_0364 - Copy

or this


OK, moving on.

Yeltsin sat in the cat scratcher


No really, now we’ll move on

I took a class from Brenda Dayne at the Yarnery. OM to the G I loved it. She is just like on the podcast-just as funny and brilliant.

Here we are together at the end of class. I am a wee bit tired at the end of the day.


I would take any class she offered.

Next AM was Med City. Aren’t we happy for being up since 4-it’s about 6:50 now.


(Um, could someone tell me why I am so close to her?)


I started with Cathy-


And finished by myself. (I’d like to say I passed her up but other way around, lost her about mile 6 and I broke about mile 10, oh well)


Dave did what he does-

IMG_0387 IMG_0390 IMG_0391

Those brothers Mayo sure look judgmental-hey I finished in 2:06-I don’t see them out there running. This is probably the look they gave when they found out the person they just spent 7 hours operating on was on medical assistance.

It was hot and took some doing to cool off.



Beer-two for one. I mean, seriously. This was the hottest day since the week before and on into the week after. And it was very, very hot.

Monday was Memorial Day and we went to Dave’s sister’s house out of Melrose WI. We always wonder why Wisconsin always looks so much better than Minnesota. I mean, the minute you cross the bridge it is a nicer lookin’ state. They must have some ugly cornfields somewhere. They just hide them behind the  shrubbery.

Here’s me and Carol and Barb


and Joe, Carol, Barb, me and Dave


And no, I don’t think I had to go to the bathroom-unsure about the leg thing going on.

Last weekend was Chester Woods. It’s a trail race. I usually run the 10 mile race but got tired of coming in last so I decided to do the 5K


Funny thing the 5K.


Wow. Check out that start.


Apparently after I started running I had a seizure (see picture above and try to explain that any other way) and didn’t really pay attention to the instructions.

Because I thought I’d run this 5K trail in about 28 or so minutes. That’s a safe bet.


Here I am finishing in 22:50 minutes of pure awesome personal best. And I’m not even tired.

Oh, wait. Seems that the whole field wasn’t listening to the instructions either and we all, every one of us, ran the wrong course. Some ran short (me) and some ran long (up to 2 miles over the distance). Seems that I still had 1/2 mile to go. Dang it. You see, I don’t see the importance of listening to the instructions because I am never first, and I feel that if overachievers are going to be leading the pack, they should at least go the right way.

The organizer sent out a super apologetic e-mail today, but I say hey, we got out, we ran, it was a nice day, I got home in time to take a nap. I thought all is well.

Sunday (yesterday) Blane finally got on the train and moved to Grand Forks North Dakota.

He took his bike and the belongings he could get in a bag or two on the train, left Kitten with us and took off.

The Winona train station is so, well, trainy.



Isn’t this the picture of a train station waiting area? I think so. Too bad Kitten couldn’t go in the bike box…


Bye Blaney


So that’s the things that happened in the past week plus that caused me to go from manic to depression in about 57 hours. Exhausting.

But you know, things are looking up. I mean, how can you argue with that?


PS This is the only time Jack ever got on the table. That day. I think.


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