Monday, May 21, 2012

Missin’ the BeeGees

So Robin Gibb passed away on Sunday. Sigh. The BeeGees-I still have the vinyl. Not the Saturday Night BeeGees but the earlier BeeGees. Loved me a little Words, or Gotta Get a Message to You, but especially  this one

I just love this one. I think it must reflect the teenage angst I was feeling from my snotty rich kid high school experience. Anyway, I think Robin was quite talented from singing to songwriting to composing. So, RIP Robin Gibb.

There were a few deaths this week. Donna Summer also passed away, and I was a bit of a fan of some of her stuff too

Cause when I’m bad, I’m so so bad……

When I blog and I am looking for song clips, Dave is forced to listen to the same song over and over and over until I finally find the right one gets to preview them. When I was doing Revel, Alien Style he was almost driven insane by the high pitched reveling. So you can imagine the crazy dance moves he was bustin’ listening to various renditions of Donna Summer doing disco.

Oh, and speaking of Dave, there was another death this week. Dave’s personal hero, Eugene Polley has passed away. Eugene Polley you ask? Who might that be? Well my friends, he was the inventor of the remote control. Or, as the Sacremento Bee puts it-

The inventor of the first wireless remote control for television, Zenith's Gene Polley,  was called everything from the founding father of the couch potato to the czar of zapping to the beach boy of channel surfing.

Brian Williams on the Nightly News said something about being responsible for the evolution of the large behind. Which I sort of agree with. Dave feels a there should be a moment of silence, so, hold on while he mutes the TV.

In other news I finished binding the giant quilt yesterday. Seriously, do you think this is why it takes me twice as long to do anything around here?


Jack has to have his big body in everything I do. So annoying.

We have a birds nest under the deck. We had one last year but for some reason the robins who built it abandoned it mid stream They left two eggs in it. I think that there may have been some loudness out there last spring when they were first starting out (in other words, we left one of the boys here during a weekend away and the next thing we know the robins have evacuated-never a good sign)

I wasn’t really sure there was a working nest although I was seeing a lot of robin activity around the deck and yard.


The real giveaway, however, was this-


Multiply this picture by 15 minutes and there you have it.

She is looking at the babies (and the parents feeding the babies) through the slats, and this is what she is seeing-



We always seem to have some type of babies around in the spring.

Remember these babies last spring?


They didn’t come back this year. That was kind of a worrisome thing, what with the dogs and cats sniffing out the nest in the ground. Even Jack was stressed over it.


At least the birds are out of reach.

Oh, Cora went to Disney the beginning of May and had her dreams come true by meeting all the princesses, and telling them she loved them.

949161767606 298431767606 639161767606 778431767606

And did I mention that Blane and Cody are here for the week? So I have 4 pictures of Cora in the blog. Apparently she gets top billing. I mean really, what is cuter than that?

There was an eclipse of the sun last week. We didn’t see it. Just sayin’ there was one. Might have been Saturday. Or not. Like I say, we didn’t see it. People said it happened though. So I guess.

We did have a nice sunrise a week or so ago, and I captured it here.


And so the sun rises over the tranquil farms, neighborhoods, and hillbilly trampolines of St Charles once again.

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