Monday, May 14, 2012

The Plants have been Planted

Well, most of them anyway. I ran for 2 hours a 7 minutes yesterday and then tried to plant a bunch of plants that Dave bought for Mother’s Day. Which also happened to be yesterday.


Here’s my mother and Grampa too.

Anyway, I was really struggling with the old trowel after that run although I am not really sure why. Scientifically speaking, I think it had to with not having peanut butter on my pancakes in the morning.

But I did manage to get the front beds done. The perennials are already blooming. The additions were little petunia’s, marigolds, and some red spear like things. I have no idea.

 IMG_0345 IMG_0346  IMG_0341

The blooming flowers are pretty too.


These are the worlds smallest daffodils. Dave planted them. I don’t quite get it but there it is.

I have almost finished my sister-in-law’s quilt. All that’s left is binding.


This picture was a little blurry up close. My apologies. Does it look familiar? Yep. Did the same one a couple or so years ago. Only it took less time then. Not sure what happened.

Lastly, I got a new iron, kickin’ it dry cleaner style. I know, it’s a ridiculous toy. But check out the box-(again my apologies to the audience for blurriness)


That is totally what I am talkin’ about.

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Julie said...

Your garden looks great! The red spear-like things are salvia.