Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No Blog is good Blog (and this one is pretty bad)

Jeesh. It’s that time of week and I have no blog. None. May I offer up some excuses? Um, I didn’t have one free day in April, no not one. Grampa arrived on Sunday and last night, when I should have been blogging, I was drinking Grampa wine which kicked my ass all the way from here to there and back. I really shouldn’t drink that stuff.

But I promise to put something up tomorrow or the next day. I really do. Oh, and did I miss the 1st year anniversary of Will and Kate? REALLY? Dang it, now that just fries me becauseI have so few occasions to wear my tiara, and that was one of them.

So to entertain, I’ll relate an actual convo that Dave and I had a few weeks ago. Just to let you know that nothing  ever really changes around here….

Dave-(watching House Hunters) Hey-what’s that guy have on his head?

Me-Oh, what-Don’t they call that a yarmulke?

Dave-It’s on his head, not his arm.

And that, my friends, is how we here offend the Jews, without even trying. (Although you’d be shocked to hear how we offend the Catholics)

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