Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No really, thank-YOU.

I mean it. Your patience has been noted.

So let’s get right down to it. I am serious, let the blogging begin.

Oh, I almost buried the lead with Grampa, but fortunately, thanks to the miracle of pictures on my 8 gig external hard drive, I remembered that before last Sunday was last Saturday and I was at Yarnover in the cities breathing in some fabulous fibery fun. I took a picture of my fabulous silk spindling teacher, the famous Amy Singer. She was the best teacher, next to Denny McMillan, for spindling. Loved it.


After this morning class, Barb and I went out and had delicious sushi.


Ok, that is seriously good food.

We also went to the MOA, although this was not my idea (Barb!!!) She had this delusion of going to MOA, running in and getting some eye pencils. HA! It took 20 minutes just to find a parking spot.

Sarah and MOA

The frozen yogurt almost made it worthwhile.

OK, now we are on Sunday, and on Sunday Grampa arrived. I don’t think I took a picture of Grampa arriving though. I think because I had to get a gate pass and I was afraid to bring the big camera. (And I do mean big-like big ass purse big). Although I do have a camera on my phone. Which I used when Grampa left. Wow.

Wait, so I picked up Grampa at the gate last Sunday afternoon. It went down like clockwork.

We gave him two days of rest, then started on what will go down in infamy as Mayo Marathon days.

Started here on Wednesday and ended here on Friday.


We went to cardiology, dermatology, psychology, neurology, vascular and general internal med-and all the tests and consults included therein. Personally, I was a little worn out.

And I wasn’t even the patient.

So, whilst I was at Mayo I took a few snaps of the props.

004 008

That’s a poured glass sculpture and blown glass bulby thing.

And the view

011 010

Peace Plaza and the rest of Rochester.

And after all that, Grampa was very healthy for an old guy! Just a few things that can be fixed with a few appointments at home. That was good news. We drank a toast on Friday (and Thursday, and Wednesday….)

And Saturday I ran the Spring Classic-a 15K (9.3 mi). I might have gone a wee bit faster without the Friday night toasting-but hey, I felt good.



to Finish


Dave passed the time with the camera, which means I don’t have enough blog space to post all the pictures. I’ll spot the best

IMG_0317 IMG_0313 IMG_0315

He was at soldiers field, by the way. A bit depressing for my happy little blog world.

But this’ll cheer you up, because I WON!! Yes I did. First place in my age division. (OK, it was a small field, but still, I WON!) AND, I was the dang happiest winner there. Because I feel, that if you win something, anything, you should be happy. Gracious, but happy. OK, maybe a little obnoxious, but happy. Everyone in races always walks up to get their medals like it’s the walk of shame.

Not ME.

 IMG_0323 IMG_0324


Seriously. I am friggin’ happy and the crowd is with me. Look at my fan high fiving me. It is the BEST.

Ok. So after I got over the high, we drank some more toasts and Sunday we hiked up and over to Northfield and had lunch by the raging Cannon River


with my nephew Alex.


I told them “look at me, I’m taking a picture” and Alex was all over that with his instantaneous Vogue poses. Blane…not so much.

Here’s the three boys


We laid off the toasts as Dave and I were in acute liver failure by about this time. And I was completely bloated by eating bread pudding drowning in cream. I had to lay down later.

Monday it was time for Grampa to go home. I took him back to the airport and put him on this airplane.

Grampa's plane

It was about the nicest day of the whole time Grampa was here.

We sure miss him since he’s been gone. But happy he is back home, dozing on the couch.

While he was here, Dave sat in a different chair, and when he got up, I noticed something was different. There, in the chair, like the mark of Zorro, was a single pillow.

And that’s just the way it happened.


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