Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Annie Oakley was a little confused

First and foremost, happy birthday Grampa on January 27th. Hope it was happy.


Now to the business of blogging……

So, I forgot the blog yesterday. Forgot. I meant to blog, I thought about blogging, I took a picture to put on the blog, but then I didn’t blog.

And you know who asked me if I blogged? Really. You have to know. It was Laura, the blog muse. My faithful reader Laura.

I think I’ll post a picture of her, just because-


This is Laura’s Verklempt look. I think it is a suitable look for the day.



this one  brings back some fond memories. Being here, in this refrigerator, at this time, was NOT ok.  But you can just feel her elation at the new, spotless, side by side in our soon to be break room.

But seriously, when I have little to say I can’t always fall back on Laura to save the blog. Well, I can, and I usually do, but not today. (OK, obviously I have done it again today-I can see that-don’t bring it up-it’s my blog to do with Laura as I please. And that thing about NOT being OK? Totally an inside joke. Touché blog dissenters)

I just watched a PBS thing about Annie Oakley. And she was a big advocate for woman bearing firearms. Well, not like bearing children, but she did say she believed women should keep a firearm on the nightstand. Dang. I could blast the snore right out of Dave. She would also demonstrate how to conceal a gun in your umbrella to have in case of emergency or when bending someone to your will. I am thinking that if Annie Oakley whipped a firearm out of her umbrella and was demonstrating the business end all up in your grill, you’d be agreeing with whatever she told you to do, or not do. Because that Annie, she did not miss. Ever. But Annie did not believe so much in women having the vote. Really? She’s out packing heat, and encouraging women to pack heat, but not wanting women to vote? I suppose if enough women were carrying concealed and shooting out of their umbrellas who the heck needs the vote? Ok, maybe she wasn’t confused at all.

Yesterday I had the day off which confused me so much I forgot to blog. I didn’t, however, forget to clean the stupid bird cages.  I schlepped the giant cage drawer upstairs and attempted to clean it and put in clean newspaper lining. Sounds easy doesn’t it?


Well, it’s actually not. And just when you were thinking “ok she used Laura for blog filler, certainly she won’t use Jack again”, he shows up. But you didn’t expect him here, did you? DID YOU? No. You did not. Please, don’t make me get all Annie Oakley on you.

And one last thing?


Laura and the amazing moving cat picture.

Feeling better yet?

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