Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Girls Night Out

Oh man, the Girls Night Out finally happened, and it happened with a vengeance.


I wish I had more blackmail pictures to show, but the crap camera ran out of batteries and besides, it was a little too much fun to keep taking pictures.

But I did get a few.


Here’s the girls, just starting out. Lets see, starting on the right and going clockwise is Lynn, Jenna, me, Sara (the other Sara), Mary, Sue, and Betsy. No idea who the person walking around and getting into the picture is, but she’s very happy about it.


Here we are again. A little later, a little happier, a litte blurrier. Found the Spotted Cow. Gotta love Wisconsin. Again, no idea about that person lurking around the bathroom. And sorry about the blur. It was Jenna’s phone this time.

Then, because of the uncontrollable girls we are, we decided we had to go dancing. And dance we did.


Taking pictures of people dancing around in a darkened bar area has to be some sort of sobriety test, and I was failing badly. But either way I captured Lynn, Sara, and Mary until I couldn’t stand it anymore.


I let Lynn throw me around on the dance floor unmercifully. She is a pretty dang good dancer when it comes to spins and twirls. The band was fab and played songs we could all sing to. Sweet.

We ended up back at the Frog in Fountain City-the gruesome threesome.




Yes Really. I think these girls should be cut off.

(Don’t worry, we had a designated driver and a brand new van. Nothing could be sweeter. Out of the goodness of our hearts, we didn’t even throw up in it)

We stayed at the most beautiful lodge out side of Fountain City, way up on the bluffs (which could have been dangerous had we been able to wander outside after arriving, which we couldn’t. I couldn’t even figure out the radio)

Here’s our view if it were summer-

But it wasn’t


It’s winter but still fantastic. Even the morning after. Which is saying something. (Click the link above-the rest of the house was just as fab)

Staggered home and managed to get to knitting group. I felt kind of like this

Just a wee bit crispy……

and this didn’t help either-


But since that day I have recovered and decided that Girls Night Out was the best time I’ve had in months.

Thanks Girls!


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