Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Happy New Year

Hello and happiest of New Years. (Does that have an apostrophe? Like New Year’s?)

We have been a bit busy here. First of all, I have watched all of Downton Abbey, season 1, twice. Bring it Season Two. In a way, I am sort of glad I didn’t watch it last year because I would have gone ca-razy waiting for season two, which conveniently starts next week. So, please Bates, get together with Anna, Mary and Matthew-come ON, and Thomas, ohhhh, I hope you get yours. Sigh.

Cody and Blane were here all last week. This is Christmas-

(As a little preface, crap camera doesn’t have a remote, only timer which was problematic at best-)


Wait, that didn’t work (I call this one the missing man formation)


No, that’s not it either


Better. And yes, Cody has some weird Mohawk going on. Did you notice too, how Blane doesn’t change much between pictures. If I didn’t risk complete boredom, I’d post the bunch of pictures we suffered through took and he would look the same in every one, while the rest of us (ok, me) are all looking the other way and blurry and talking to each other. Now that I look at it, once Cody got ready, he didn’t change much either.

Moving on.

We had the slightest decoration fail.


Yeah, that’s a problem. Actually, this was the problem.



And we had a tree-


which Blane put up and decorated.

We had a sort of tree at work too-plus some other crazy decorating. Which I also didn’t do.

 DSC01911 DSC01912

I fell down in the decorating dept. It was all I could do to organize myself. (Hoping to get some sort of card out by April)

During this time, while I was not not decorating, I was finishing the shop quilt


Had fun with the Jack cam.

DSC01920 - Copy copy 

Went to a Christmas party  which the crap camera took an blurry picture of.


And finally, ended it all with Cody leaving on Saturday, New Year’s Eve.


I rocked it on the boy department.

Lastly, on New Year’s Day (using apostrophe) I ran a little race sponsored by the Running Room called the Resolution Run.

Barb and Angela and Susan and Lorna were all there too, and we totally killed it. There was a ton of ice so the goal was not so much to run fast-but to stay upright.



Barb’s big finish of her first 5K!

DSC01971 - Copy

She was sporting a knitted cowl, representing our knitting group with good taste.

While I was at Barb’s, after the run and sipping a delicious Bloody Mary, I took a picture of her cat in a basket, which I found amusing.


Pictures I don’t have to show you-Laura was at the farm and took pictures of all the cows/calves in the barn AND a cow actually having a calf. It took all of Laura’s strength to take these pictures and I can hardly keep asking her for them because she gets that “talking about the farm look” which can be a wee bit scary. But if I had those pictures they’d totally get top billing. Except for maybe calving ones. They probably have to have a disclaimer-“these pictures may be disturbing to some viewers”.

And that, my friends, starts off a whole new year of blogging.

Here’s to 2012. Let’s see what happens now.

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