Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SuperBowl VII

Or is it 8-no I think we decided that this year it was Superbowl Mystery quilt #7. I am a charter member of the Superbowl Mystery quilt club. Yes I am. I am trying to get Marcia to agree that at the 10th year anniversary of the Superbowl Mystery Quilt I should be given a loyalty gift of a new Bernina. Although, they’d be hard pressed to give me one I don’t already own. Maybe I should hold out for accessories.

Did I mention I do love a good Superbowl Mystery Quilt?

This year was no exception. The food was also delish. Just saying.

I went back into the archives to try to find some records of the previous quilts-












See my reflection in my shiny Bernina? I don’t have a picture of the quilt yet-it is actually a small project which I hope to finish on Sunday. Then it will be duly presented in the blog.

So I am missing  a couple of years. I think, given more time, I can find them in the archives (really? I lost interest after 15 minutes-but they are there…somewhere)

It was also VIP last week. I was after the elusive picture of Marcia actually smiling or at least attempting to take a good picture.

It’s like trying to find Bigfoot. Or Nessie. It is next to impossible.


This is probably the best one. Plus I like the quilt.


This might be the best one-I have about 20 with closed eyes, frowny expressions, and blurry faces. Sigh. Maybe next time.

This is another cool thing. I think we are going to learn how to make it someday. I can’t wait.


Although, I have sort of decided to do smaller projects for a while. I have lots of big projects that need to be finished.

This week is Debbie’s and Cody’s birthdays. As I am on the way to Seattle next week, I can deliver Debbie’s, but alas Cody’s will be late. Oh well. He’ll be dining at the Wicked Spoon or some such place. So he can wait for a little present from Mommy.

I don’t have much more today. Been a long couple of weeks, with a long week coming up-but then vacation. And did I mention that I’ll be in Tacoma in time for Madrona? Can you say fiber-fest?

Will I need one suitcase? Or two?


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