Monday, January 9, 2012

The Paradox

Dave’s birthday was last week, although it seems like several weeks ago. Although that might be the beer talking.


He was on vacation which explains the not shaving for two weeks. However, now that he’s an NFL owner-who cares?


He also got a Blu Ray player and we now have Netflix. Dang but that is a sweet deal. We watched Better Off Ted, and some Girl With….movies and the documentary Babies. We also watched all of Season One of Downton Abbey-twice. We will never be without it again.


There was cake, and I just noticed we had some difficulty with the “day” in birthday. That’s hilarious.

There were also crazy people.


Do NOT make that bigger.  Somehow, every time I take a self portrait with Dave, he makes me laugh so hard I look stupid. Which I am starting to think takes the looking stupid pressure off of him.

That also could have been the beer. Or not.

A good time was had by all.

DSC02000I think.


I got all sorts of pictures this week. Laura finally sent the cow pictures, some of which had to be censored. But these were cute.

 100_0429[1] 100_0432[1]


Seriously, what could not be cuter than a little cow with it’s mommy? I ask you-what?

Well, perhaps not the birth of the little cow with it’s mommy-


Laura did send the actual little cow shooting out of the big cow, but I don’t want to lose the other 3 readers of my blog by showing the actual graphics. Although I may sneak them in one of these days, ‘cause that’ll teach people who don’t blog to make fun of my blog. And I have yet to see a picture of hooves coming out of a cow’s backside on any of the other blogs I admire. Touche Sassy Redhead!

My sister Martha also sent me a picture of her cat Daisy-


Come on now. That’s a cute cat eh? But, is it in the bathtub or something? Is that a common cat theme in the blog? Cats in bathtubs? Cats in sacks? Cats in prison?


Or cats in boxes?

DSC01978 copy

I believe he’s alive. Or…is he?

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