Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wine and Races

Last week was busy as usual. It seems I always say that at the beginning of every blog. But it really was. It was busy after work busy, which, being the hermit that I am, usually doesn’t happen. But it did-twice.

Wednesday night I went to embroidery club at Pine Needles, only to discover that the embroidery thread guide on my bobbin case was missing. Missing! What? How? If you could see it you’d think-what the heck too. I was just saying how much I love my machine and have never had any problems. Then, suddenly and without warning, I lost this microscopic piece of hardware. And, the way microscopic things go, it’s a very expensive piece. Sigh. Oh well. If it’s not covered under warranty, then it’ll just have to be the repair that lines up after my new tires (October) and Vegas (November) and the holidays (December). Maybe then.


So, I left my machine there (insert sad face here-although I do have two other machines at home, I am a wee bit spoilt by this one).

Thursday night was wine night at Angie’s. (I do so love me some Angie-can’t wait for Vegas…but that’s for another blog)

There were several girls over


Somehow, Angie got left out of that picture-but recognize Laura, the ever present blog muse? She has become a required element of posting. (It’s sort of like the Where’s Waldo of my blog. Hey-I just realized that. I could make a little Laura contest, like spot the Pineapple on Psych. I could hide Laura all over the place, the possibilities are endless…..

Really, what does this have to do with the story at hand? Jeesh. Ok, back to wine night)


There, Angie’s back in a blur, and Ali is being, well, Ali. Yep.


The crap camera couldn’t see the wine and blurred all the labels, or was that me? Wait, no, it was not me. I am sure I had the wrong settings on the crapster. I really have a hate-hate relationship with that sucker. But I did get a book all about Photoshop and am hoping in the next couple of months to be able to really make my pictures look good, in spite of crappy equipment.

But back to wine night (I’m whining, but not about the night). It was lots of fun and I am dying to get back to Angie’s for a little wine slumber party. That would be a blast, except knowing me I’d last until about 9:30!

We had some nice sunrise skies this week. So I ran out and took a picture of the sky.


Saturday Mary B and I took off to Minneapolis and our yearly girls weekend out. We hit the Mall of America and spent about 3 or so hours looking around. I bought some chocolate covered espresso beans because I was saving up for yarn on Sunday….

….which was race day for the Women Run the Cities 10 miler. Cathy B came up in the AM and we all had a bit of a race going. Cathy was first in line, of course, closely (I’d like to dream) followed by me, and Mary brought up the rear. It was a perfect day for a race.

Cathy and I at the finish


Nice hair, huh?


Mary finishing.

I am not sure what Mary was thinking when she finished. I am in my smart glasses-


This picture cracks me up.

And the three wonder women after 10 miles.


Interestingly, each of us is exactly 10 years apart. WooHoo for the us.

That was fun, and, as usual, can’t wait till next year.

On the way home, I stopped at What in Yarnation and picked up about a hundred bones worth of yarn. How sweet if it had all been for me. Alas, it’s for our yarn group and the next Skacel Kal. We meet on Sunday to sort it all out.

And then I returned home to rest, relax, and have a little Coldstone ice cream, just because.


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