Monday, September 5, 2011

The End of Summer

Here we are at the end of summer. It went from boilation to cool all in about a week. I love the cool dry days. Dry being  a key word here.

So, I started working at Pine Needles in Racine a week ago Saturday. Maybe I mentioned it already, but I went back last Saturday and I have to say I like it a lot. It is soooo different from my regular weekday job. I get to hang around with fabric and think about fiber and it is just very nice. Besides the fact I like Marcia (the owner) and Suzie (now the manager of Racine) so much. And the rest of the staff too. I think it will be very rewarding.

Otherwise, it was a week of slowing down and easing into fall. Summer seems so busy. Going here and there, something up every weekend. Now I can relax. Although I haven’t seen the knitting group lately-they are meeting the 17th but I am working that day-sad. I have a request to meet on Sundays afternoons when the coffee shop is less busy! And a spinning night with Barb has to happen again when her house clears out.

Speaking of spinning (which reminds me of yarn) I gave Barb my Morrison from Yarn Garden for her birthday because it was the perfect gift. Then I started to really miss it so I called the Yarn Garden and had them ship me another skein, then another skein, then two other skeins. Jeesh.

Last week I got a box full of fabulous fiber.



DSC01371  DSC01370

Ooooohhhh, ahhhhh. As soon as I finish my socks and the Wrap me up, I think something is going to have to be knitted from these.

I also got my biiiig box from Nordstrom. Sweeet.



DSC01358   DSC01356

Full of new clothes. The funny thing is I get clothes from Tacoma that are for a little cooler climate than our summertime. So I end up not being able to wear some of it until now. But that’s ok, I’ll get at least 8 good months out of it. It’s not THAT hot here during most of the year.

I finished the Nobody Says No to Baby quilt and the Cuddly Kitty and sent them off to Katie, Dave’s neice.


There she is on the blanket (with Dave’s legs sticking out the other side!) I thought kitty looked a little crabby, but she is very very cuddly.


Katie says that Baby (aka Kaylee) is a little suspicious of the new blanket and kitty. We’ll see how it goes.

The garden in the front is at it’s last blooming.



These geraniums are about 3 or 4 years old. I got tired of buying new ones every year, so I just keep these in the house through the winter. I keep thinking they might not make it, but look how good they are. I do think they should be repotted this year. I hope it doesn’t kill them.

Angie called last week to say that Cora was over to visit.


She had a little candy to chew, which affected her smile. She is trying though.


Isn’t she the cutest EVER? Look at the girlie clothes. What is that about? When the boys were little, there were no such thing as cute boy clothes.

And I got my tickets for Vegas last week. It’s Angie’s 30th birthday and I have to buy her a big Vegas birthday drink. Martha is coming too for a fiber crawl and sightseeing trip. Oh, and I suppose I’ll visit Cody, since that is usually the reason for travelling there.

Week before last it was Laura’s birthday. Yes, our Laura, the ever present blog muse had a birthday. There was no Vegas (but maybe next year-although she has an Africa trip in the spring so not sure about Vegas-next year anyway), but we did get to lunch at Hunan.

Excuse the blurry picture. I had no flash that day. But there’s Mary K, Mary Pat, Rachael G, Laura, Angie and me. Aren’t we cute?


Then this weekend, besides working, I made mug rugs for my coffee gift basket.


I am not very satisfied. I don’t like my crazy circular pattern on the blocks. but I do like the idea.

We are making gift baskets for a benefit for Patrick’s wife Cindy (he works with us as a school nurse). Cindy was treated for breast cancer two years ago, and it has returned. So I am making the coffee basket, only it’s actually a bowl.


I have the to go mug and the mug rugs and the coffee and tea candles. I didn’t say, but I got those on a Sunday trip to Iowa a week ago with Mary and Laura. Laura drove and there wasn’t near the excitement we had last year with the shop hop (no, there was no ditch involved and it didn’t take 8 hours). It was a nice and pleasant trip though.

So all I have to get is the coffee and some tea to complete my basket.

We harvested our apples. They are pretty tart-I think they could have stayed on the tree just a bit longer. But the are going to become a delicious pie tomorrow.


Today is Labor Day. It’s a day we are supposed to be appreciating the laborers that came before us and paved the way for our working conditions. So thank you. I guess there are some who want to get rid of this holiday. But that would be a shame, because it is such a traditional end of summer holiday.

It was a sunny Labor Day today.


Trixie loves it.



Dave was all about it. Notice he is wearing the giant Skacel KAL socks I made last spring.


Jack had a Labor Day snack


Yeltsie enjoyed the sun too


and Beta relaxed on the couch.


I poured one more cup of coffee, and went to work on some quilt and yarn projects.


Nice hair.

Happy Labor Day, Welcome to Fall.


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