Monday, October 3, 2011

Indian Summer

It has been pleasantly summery out this week. Very nice to have 74 degrees at 7:30…PM. Woo and Hoo.

Not much new in the blogosphere this week.

I finished my Squiggle Fraggle Socks, or whatever they are called.


Ok, so I sort of elongated the toe a bit. I didn’t mean to make it so big. I just sort of stopped on the foot and made a giant toe. I was tired of the pattern and felt like it got lost in the business of the sock. Sigh. Oh well. Three to do and STR sock club 2009 is wrapped up. And maybe before the end of 2011.

Dave played a whole bunch of stupid video games this week. He plays them and forgets everything he is supposed to do, like turn off the stove or let the dog in or anything. He looks like this.


Scary isn’t it? Very blank look. He didn’t even know I was taking a picture. Fortunately the house wasn’t on fire or anything. Yet.

When we were in Minneapolis last week I saw some yarn bombing that I forgot to show you-


I don’t know if it’s really a yarn bomb or just a dressed up fire hydrant. I do know it’s a knitted hat and that is one happy hydrant.

I finished the benefit basket and took it to Cindy’s (my coworker’s wife) benefit on Sunday. Mine was a coffee/tea theme and I was happy to see at least 3 bids on it when I got there. I went with Cathy and we were blown away by all the stuff there.


Lastly, Chat decided to munch up the catnip I brought in. Surprisingly, they haven’t destroyed this plant. Because I brought it in for them to destroy. They are using reverse psychology on me. Drat.


It’s like those two Kong toys in the back ground. Every day I fill them up and hide them before I leave for work for the dogs to find. Imagine my surprise when I got home last week and the dogs had hidden them from me.

It took two days to find them. It’s disturbing when the dogs pull one over on me like that. Very, very disturbing.

Enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts.


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