Monday, September 12, 2011

No News

Could be good news. I don’t have much news this week. Work, home, work.

I did share a little Packer love on Thursday.

I have to admit to a little fanball crush on Aaron. I wasn’t so keen on his weird mustache thing going on in the off season. And his girlfriend, just a little on the skank side, but hey, he’s young and rich and well, you know.

So, back in the slow lane known as my life, the weather has been fab, but we are on the last day of the upper 80 degree dry weather.


It’s getting less green out there, and we are on the way to a cooling off.

I got a new purse last week. It’s quite the purse. It was given to me and I actually really like it.


Gucci knock off? It’s big. I wanted to take the image off this picture and put it on another background but I just don’t know how to work my Photoshop. So I instantly went to Amazon and ordered me up a new book so I can finally figure out how to use it all. But, in the meantime, I got me a sweet purse. And big. I can easily fit some knitting in there.

This past weekend was VIP at Pine Needles so I went and I saw some pretty cool projects which Marsha and Suzie displayed.

  DSC01410 DSC01411 DSC01414

Suzie and the bag.


I also finished the mystery quilt for retreat. But because it’s a mystery I can’t show you the whole thing-I’ll just give a little bitty hint.


It’s not too bad to put together, if you follow the instructions……don’t ask. (It was actually Dave that noticed the problem, thankfully BEFORE I put it together). I blamed the poor quality of the copy I had to work with. Certainly it wasn’t me.

Lastly, a couple of weeks ago Gramma’s got a new oven and cooktop.

You can sort of see the old, 1960 vintage ovens in this crazy picture-


Let me zoom in for you

P1010156 - Copy

Yea, well, the pulled them out like this

 New oven

And put in these sweet Jenn Aire models. New ovens and cooktop. Maybe now when I cook there the meals won’t be either underdone or, most commonly, overdone and very chewy.

New Oven 2

I also finished the Flow, which I made in bamboo which was a big mistake. I’ll model it for you next week.

And that’s all the news.

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