Monday, June 6, 2011

They’re mulitplying like Rabbits out there

Hello to all! Summer is here. To the big time it’s here.

On Friday it was 96 breaking all sorts of records. I guess when I said “Bring it” at the end of the last post, Mother Nature was listening.

Last weekend, as you might recall, was a little cool and drizzly (thank you Med City Marathon Gods). When we got home from the race, Dave was outside, came in and said, We have a nest of mice in the yard? Mice? He thought he might have to dispatch them. Nooooo! I went out to take a look and there were a couple of recently born (a day or so?) mammals in yard, and a nest of them close to the house. After careful consideration-I realized they are not mice (Seriously Dave?) They are


See? Here’s the the nest-that bare patch on the right-


Close up it looks like this.



That’s my camera case for scale. My crap camera doesn’t capture this so well-but the nest is actually below that cap of grass, hair and little twig on the left. And if you pick that up-




Yep. There’s a whole lotta rabbits goin’ on. I didn’t take a picture that first day-I just put the two rabbits back in the nest, we removed one that had died, and waited for mama to come back. And apparently she has been coming back quite regularly because they are looking good. I check them everyday.We have to watch the dogs because Trixie likes to go over and take them out of the nest. I am not sure of her plan. She just likes moving them.

On Monday, “they” came and jacked up the front steps-

I was trying to find a before picture (would have been smart to think of that BEFORE-but whatev)

See that inch or more crack in the steps?DSC01581 - Copy

Close up-

DSC01581 - Copy

And voila!


No more huge crack. They also did the side and back slab. Hopefully the settling is over. Hopefully.

Besides that, the flowers are starting to bloom.


Laura gave me some flowers to plant in my perennial garden, so I put them in on Monday.


These are blooming too-I think they are bridal wreath (?)


Very sunny


We moved Cody’s car into the garage


Oh and speaking of which-Cody is in Europe. Landed in Belgium about 2 weeks ago now. And the first week was eventful as he had to have a root canal. Yep. Root canal. So typical of my people. He did it though-to the tune of 180 dollars. Seriously. It costs me 120 just to get my teeth cleaned. They won’t even do a root canal if you are on medicaid-too expensive. I told him he needs to stay there and get all his teeth done.

And here’s his picture of the huge gay pride parade they ran into in France. Life is good.

And the rabbits keep growing. Here’s the middle of the week-



Growing like rabbits. Apparently mama is still coming. And she has the nest really well covered.

OK, so Friday was boiling living on the surface on the sun weather just so that Saturday AM would be very hot and humid for the Chester Woods 10 mile race. Yep. As I posted on Facebook, I am working hard on my goal of coming in dead last. It was awful. Many times I felt like laying down on the trail and napping.

I looked good at the start though-


That’s because I was blissfully ignorant of how bad I was going to be feeling.

Dave took some flower pictures while waiting for me at the 2 mile mark


I came round the bend thinking that I am too hot and this isn’t going to end well. Yep-I was pretty sure by mile 2 I was going to slow way down.


And there, behind me, is one of the many, many people who passed me throughout the race.

I did finish, not last, but close.



The reason I am smiling is because I am completely delusional. Completely.


OK-see that wonderful time? Last weekend I ran 13.1 miles in 2:00. This day I ran 10 miles in 1:55. Can you say “What the heck happened to you?” Dave said he was getting worried. I told him when I started it’d be an hour 45. I was recalculating my goal through the whole course. That was one hot and hard race. And yet almost everyone else ran faster than me…hmmmm……

I have decided next year that 1) I am going to run the trails at least once before the race and 2) I am doing the 5K, not the 10 mile. Right. I’ll do the 10, just watch me. I am blaming the heat (it was hot) and the fact I am coming off a half last weekend. That sounds good doesn’t it-because heaven forbid it would be because I am slow.

So, after resting up on Saturday, and “working” around the house on Sunday





and checking on the rabbits



I decided to give Chester Woods another chance. So we drove over, bought a pass, and checked it out-

 DSC00803 DSC00800 DSC00802

Even though you humiliated me, I forgive you Chester Woods.

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