Monday, June 27, 2011

Menards is a very funny place

This week was full of fun.

Actually, last weekend we took the dogs to Chester Woods. We did this Sunday but the pictures weren’t off my camera in time to blog last week.


I was cropping this picture and it looks like I have cankles. I do not! Really. I swear. I should have placed the dogs strategically hiding my legs. It’s so hard to remember all the things I have to do to disguise what I really look like. But I don’t have cankles. Just sayin’.

Monday Mary brought in the baby, Cameron. Oh, and I guess Laura was there too……shocker….


This baby was all over



Is this not the cutest boy I have blogged in quite a while?

Even I had to get into the act (he wonders who are these women, and why are they in my space?)


I got, in the mail, a little package from Pine Needles, a little something to put together. So I worked on that last weekend and during the week.


It was this table runner, made out of this years Minnesota Fabrics.

Marcia says that it is a popular item, but I wasn’t a big fan.

I thought it was tricky to sew together.


The block doesn’t lie flat, and it’s hard to iron, and I am from the “iron it until it lies flat” school.

Then again, this might have been the reason ironing was difficult.


There is no hope.

It didn’t look bad finished, so I guess I was a bigger fan at the end.


Saturday found me at the last of Kristen’s Knits knit alongs. So, so sad.


Yolanda, our leader, with all of our stuff. The yarn is pretty much gone now. I bought a walls worth of the mesh shelves for a song. All I have to do is go get them.


After this, I went and got Laura so we could got down to the big sale at Pine Needles. For some reason, I didn’t take one picture there. I did let Marcia talk me into working a couple or so Saturdays a month, after I come back from vacation. She is so persuasive.

So Laura and I bought a grab back and talked ourselves out of more fabric. (I bet I go back and buy that sweet calf fabric though-I love the farm theme). Then it was off to Menards.

You really have to experience the Laura and Sarah show. First of all, we both talk so loud that we are virtually yelling at each other, then we apologize for yelling at each other, then we yell some more. Then Laura gets all funky waving her arms around to describe some fantastic thing, meanwhile, all the cars around us think she’s waving at them so they are all waving back at us. (Sometimes I do that too, I call it “pulling a Laura”). Then we just get so worked up about nothing that we can’t help but laugh hysterically, in addition to our loud talking, and someday it is going to get us thrown out of whatever establishment we happen to be in.

Like Menards. Such a simple stop. I had to get a light and a light switch. Laura was getting a rebate thingy (I don’t know-a check? a paper? a receipt? who can keep it straight). Easy you might think. However, somewhere deep within Menards I decided I had to look at toilets and the rest is history.

Laura said-“Oh, I wonder if they have dual flush toilets” and I, not realizing what this could lead to, said “What’s that?” thinking it was a toilet with a handle on each side to flush. Right or left handed. No. Not at all. So Laura gives me the “Seriously?” look and explains, in the middle of the aisle, with hand signals and fingers and numbers that a dual flush is (and I quote) “a flush for number one (holding up one finger on one hand) and another flush for number two (holding up two fingers on the other hand)”. I was incredulous so Laura explained it about 4 more times, using the one and two with fingers and hands. It was all very Sesame street, only we were talking toilet smack right in the middle of Menards. Oh, the irony.

Personally, it started some hysteria which ended with this picture.


1 for liquids, 1.6 for solids. And now you know. There was some random thoughts about how they label the handles/buttons/levers, picture or number, but by that time we knew it was time to check out. (I tried to get Laura to pose on a toilet, but alas, she would not)

In order to calm ourselves, we went over to Rochesterfest. But I gotta say, there wasn’t much fest about it. It was raining and there were about 50 people there.

DSC00883 All huddled under the skywalk, and me


washing down a corndog with a chocolate shake. And why didn’t I get a picture of Laura with her catfish basket? Another missed opportunity.

Cody has returned from Europe on Saturday afternoon-with Ilan and his girlfriend Pam


A happy bunch. Cody was here all of 3 hours, then left for the night and didn’t return until the next afternoon. Oh well.

Sunday Dave and I installed the light and light switch.

 DSC00907  DSC00903



Lastly, Dave put up the tent in the living room in preparation for our camping trip to his sister’s in Wisconsin next weekend.


Very roomy, but…wait……


What is that?


He is everywhere. It was especially amusing when he was UNDER the tent and Chat was in the tent swiping at him.

It was enough to exhaust them both.


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