Monday, May 30, 2011


So, this weekend is the Memorial Day weekend. A tribute to those who have gone before us and those who served and lost their lives.

It’s also the official beginning of summer.

And summer is a bike riding time.

Cathy and I nominated Jules and Connie to get some donated bikes. They brought them on Friday.

Here we are with our girls


Me and Jules


Cathy and Connie

Connie needed to raise her handle bars, but Jules took to it like a fish to water.

 DSC00738 DSC00739 DSC00740

You go Jules

This was  a program from the Kiwanis and Joe was the one who refurbished the bikes. I think it’s a great deal.



Cathy and I are planning a little bike ride with the girls very soon.

Memorial Day weekend-end of May means Med City Marathon. This year was a new course and new venue and it was great-such an improvement over the last few years.

I met up with Nanci start line. She looks good-I look confused.


And, as usual, he got a great picture of me starting.


I just think I look a little stupid. Maybe I am concentrating on the fact I have to run for the next two hours, 13.1 miles. And I really, really want to finish in two hours. Really.

And I did.



Look at me on the big screen.

Clock time said two hours and 14 seconds. Result time says 2 hours 44 seconds. Whatev. All I know is it is 2 hours. I was actually on track to finish in under two, but the last 3 miles were brutal and slow. I hadn’t trained over 10 miles, or over 1.5 hours and it showed. But still, 2 hours. Sweeeet.

I  met up with my friend Nina at the end. She is a great running partner. And always looks so much better than me at the end.


So, all in all, great weekend. Blane was here too, but he left today and took Betty Ford, the cat, with him. (Betty is staying here while Cody is in Europe for 52 days-he has posted on Facebook so I know he’s there, but he keeps posting about girls, and has not said a word about missing his mother…..)


(Archival picture-for some reason I didn’t take any pictures of her here)

Anyhow, I think she’ll be a little more relaxed at Blane’s apt without the crowd. Blane brought Kitten this weekend and we had 5 cats over. Just a bit much. Look what it did to Jack.


I saw a cartoon in the New Yorker. It was Idiotman and he said-

At the end of the day, it is what it is.

Ain’t it the truth?


Now-bring it summer!

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