Monday, March 28, 2011

It is Spring, right?

The calendar says spring, but I say still a little chilly.

Again, this week was filled with work and home and not much else. I went to a good conference on personality disorders. The speaker was interesting and I learned a lot about the different personality types-borderline, histrionic, schizoaffective, all the bright and shiny DSM Axis II issues.

I did some sewing this weekend. I was going to get to Pine Needles today (my Monday off, sweeeet) but since Marcia had a dentist appointment and wasn’t going to be there, I slacked off. I was trying to finish up the Schlep bags for her. I thought I could make a large and small, but in the end didn’t know what the heck I could possibly have been thinking because I only had enough fabric for one bigger bag, and not enough for handles. So I am improvising handles with the leftovers of what I have. This is what they are looking like so far

P1010294 (4) 

P1010295 (3) P1010297 (3)

The top is inner, bottom is outer bag. I think. We’ll see.

I am on the toe of the socks.

P1010293 (4)

If you click on this and make it bigger, I am pretty sure you can see the cat hair on them. Extra warmth and cushiness.

I also finished the ruffle on the wrap me up, and am picking up for the next block.

P1010290 (4)

My friend on Ravelry, Llamalady, aka Barbara, sent me some sweet hand dyed, hand plied home grown wool. Simply lovely.

P1010286 (3)

That is a picture of her little lamb on the front and Barbara in the back. I don’t know why there is a paperclip back there, or the fact that I put the yarn on white fabric, yet shot the red pool table. Hmmm. Please concentrate on the yarn because it is heavenly. Plus she sent a couple of extra bits. How nice.

So that was my good week. I have to say that last week Jack was really getting into the blog.

P1010280 (3)

See, he loves it. And that little square is the special cat quilt square that all the normal sized cats fit on. However……he doesn’t even fit on the pull out that the other cats sit on, his large body has to be half on the desk so he can gaze upon my computer, which coincidently is on the blog page.

One day, last week, we came home to this

 P1010282 (4)

Look at Cat lurking in the background

P1010284 (4)

Now you might think that we just leave our package of Q-Tips out willy nilly where anyone could just take them and chew up a few, along with the box of saline solution and a few cold tablets. And you would be wrong. It was a complicated inter-species caper carried out with astonishing precision. The cat Elvin has learned how to open drawers. She opened the bottom bathroom drawer, thereby getting under the sink, where she could then exit by opening the cabinet door, leaving both the drawer contents AND the under sink contents exposed for certain dogs to sniff out. And really, wouldn’t they be smarter to chew up stuff away from their beds?

P1010285 (4)

Then again, maybe it wasn’t all the dogs’ fault……

Have a smashing week-

P1010279 (3)


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