Monday, March 7, 2011

The Birthday Weekend

The birthday weekend started out innocently enough. I got up on Saturday, and relaxed a bit, until I noticed just a little problem in the vicinity of the sewing area.


Look closely-


Notice the bag on the upper left. At one time, it was hanging up on the table fulfilling it’s life destiny as my scrappy garbage bag.

Until this


I tried to get him to return to the scene of the crime but he was not about to admit guilt.


He is not sorry, not at all.

I left Jack to consider his wrong doings and went to my knitting knit a long.


Here’s a shot of our table. And a few energy treats to keep our strength up.



After knitting, Dave and I did a little of this and that and returned home in time for lunch and a nap. Then it went just a little down hill.

About oh-beer-thirty we decided to eat. We had pizza and this delicious cake.


Daube’s. Most delicious. Especially with ice cream.

I got a couple of shots of Jack, since after so many beers the morning episode of chaos had completely slipped my mind and I thought him a most handsome fellow. 

P1010294 This is what he thinks of that People magazine he was looking at with crazy Charlie Sheen on the cover.


These were the best pics of the night. Because, and I know I shouldn’t show you, this is what happened next.

I got the brilliant idea (fueled by some Bud Light Lime juice) to take some self portraits. So I set up the camera and we were off…..literally


I didn’t like this at all. Why do I look so stupid-Plus, Dave was making me laugh, a little. Who knew this was about the best it was going to get?


Look how Dave is acting like he isn’t doing anything but trying to take a picture. He was making noises and yelling and doing all sorts of distracting juvenile things that I, apparently, found hilarious.

So we kept going. I warn you, it is not pretty.

P1010311 P1010309 P1010310


I just didn’t have the strength.


See what I mean? God. So, after a few minutes of self composure and reflection, we were back to this.


Seriously? I think it’s possible we should have quit while we were ahead. Whenever that was. 

After this, we were exhausted and, if I recall, which I don’t, I think we just crawled off to bed.

Ah, another year older, but certainly none the wiser.


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