Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools

It’s April now. A little chilly today. But a nice weekend never the less.

I spent Saturday morning Knitting, first at Kristen’s doing the Wrap Me Up knit along (KAL), and then at Dunn Bros South, meeting up with the knitting group. Apparently, a few of us are doing the same Skacel KAL, and finished our March project….



That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Sunday was the Fool’s Five Road race. I ran,


this guy officiated

DSC00580 (I like the little Marilyn Monroe action of the skirt)

And I left Dave to his own devices taking pictures.

He thought that it would be funny to take pictures of all the people who are faster and finished before me.


Apparently, he thought this was pretty amusing.

So, after he got done with that I actually finished.

 DSC00586 DSC00587

I’m surprised he saw me, so busy was he taking pictures of others. I do appreciate how he took a picture of people passing me at the end (on the left-I purposely did not enlarge it)

I met up with my friend Nanci and Brandon (who is her brother in law or something like that). She beat me and he beat her so he also beat me (if a>b and b>c etc etc). Actually, Nanci came from behind me to pass me and beat me. I love that.

DSC00588 - Copy

But, even though I didn’t think it was so great, look at this-

Women 50-54

1, Coleen Roethke, Burnsville, Minn., 42:22:00; 2, Sarah Melde, St. Charles, 43:23:00; 3, Deborah McClellan, Minnesota City, Minn., 44:17:00

I won a prize! And I didn’t even stay because I figured, with almost 3000 runners, there was no way. Oh well. I love to win a prize.

So I wonder what place the lady with the walker got?

We also did some hanging out with the Birdy-Bee over the weekend-

DSC00575 - Copy

And because Dave thought the lady with the walker was so funny-I get to post this


Ha-I was taking a picture of the bird and Dave came out more clearly than the intended target. It makes me laugh a little.

And lastly, we took the dogs for a little stroll on Saturday, and Beta was tired afterwards, so here he is relaxing on the couch.


Yep. Beta on the couch. And there’s the cat round thingy and the cat rope toy. Sigh.

Happy April!

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