Monday, March 14, 2011

It’s a Sunny Day

I’d love to say that I do so many exciting things that I barely have time to blog. But, I’d be lying. It was just an ordinary week around here.

I did get to Pine Needles for a little Serging last week.

P1010283 (2)

Meet my Serger. Oh look, it’s a Bernina. Shocker.


Here’s our leader, Marcia, who is looking like that because I am making her send an e-mail to Connie to get the dates for retreat that I paid for a year in advance! Yep. She loved teaching our class because there were 3 of us and we were pretty darn good, as far as Serging goes. We were making log cabin blocks that were looking like this once they were put together


Cool huh? I simply love going to a class at Pine Needles.

The weather and amount of light has taken a turn for the better. Well, it was better, then worse, now much better. But last week it was frosty, so I stopped on the road and took some pictures.

P1010285 (2) - Copy

Here’s a farm. (Seriously Laura, you can skip this one, jeez….)

P1010286 (2) - Copy

The frosty sunrise.

P1010290 (2)

I don’t know if I captured the essence or not. It was really quite remarkable. And a bit chilly.

This weekend I was trying to finish up a project because, when I was at Pine Needles, I picked up a couple of projects to do for them. So I was madly trying to get this thing done and I swear, I need my own building.


P1010293 (2) 

This does NOT help me. We have found that Jack has no fear of the squirt bottle, but is deathly afraid of the canned air. Just the sight of it sends him running. I don’t know why. Today I puffed at him with my own breath and it scared him a little. Hmmmm.

Oh, Martha sent a couple more pics from Vegas-I call these the “wind in the hair” series. I’ll bet there is a sophisticated math calculation that figures wind speed by how straight up one’s hair is blowing. Somewhat like this


See what I mean?



That is some serious hair blow. However, it sure was fun.

Now, off to work up some excitement for next week.

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caillie said...

I can't believe squirt bottels don't work! Mine run like crazy! The blowing on him maybe, otherwise you always have the cahir.