Monday, March 21, 2011

It’s Madness

March Madness that is. Dave didn’t do any brackets this year. He said he wasn’t invited. I love brackets….when someone else is doing them.

We are rooting for Wisconsin Badgers, of course.

Wisconsin heads to Sweet 16 with win over K-State, 70-65


Next up-Butler Thursday 3/24, at 8:57. Not sure of the time zone. Sweet.

I finished up the shop quilt this weekend.


I like the cornerstones


Had a little help

P1010317 (2)

Actually, Jack was up to no good earlier in the week too-look at this wreck of a craft area

P1010282 (3)

I seriously don’t think the lamp is supposed to be at that angle, with the purple carrier knocked over stretching out my sewing machine cords. No I don’t think so.

And when I was working on the quilt, I hung it over the chair and then noticed a strange bump in it.


Why does it hang that way-see the bulge?


Obvious-isn’t it?

P1010301 (2)

Because here’s the other side of things.

We have 1300 square feet of floor space, and my area is the most popular

P1010297 (2)

That would be over half the mammalian pet population gathered around my cutting table.

They then amused themselves around the sewing machines

P1010291 (3)

There’s one in the window.

This weekend was really nice, a beautiful Saturday.


We took the dogs for a walk


The whole thing exhausted Trixie-

P1010298 (2) - Copy

And it took Dave until Sunday afternoon to recover

I had some good nap pictures of Dave but he got all hissy so I had to delete them. Oh well. Maybe someday I’ll sneak them in somewhere…..

Happy Nap Time



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