Monday, May 3, 2010

What a Week

Whoa! We had a big week.

Laura started it all off by deciding to be a foster parent to these two.

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Now, Laura swears she can foster these two kittens and then, when she gets them all nice and tamed, let them go and be adopted.

And this is why I am not a foster parent to pets. 

They are very cute.

Wednesday, I went to a Cardiac Conference at Mayo, called Getting to the Heart of the Matter. Interesting. And a good lunch too.

Thursday I went to a retirement party for the director at my old job at Public Health in Winona County.

Lynn Theurer has been the only director of Winona Co Community Services. Wow. She really has done a wonderful job.



This is Lynn with council member Marcia Ward.


My supervisor Sue, center in the black and white polka dots.


These are blurry pictures of my friends Lynn-standing on the right, and Mary, standing in pink. After the party we had a public health bitch session for about an hour!

On Friday we had an engagement party for my coworker Rachael. Of course, I took not one picture of her or her fiancee. Nope.

But I did get this

Chase and Cora, the meeting of the babies


DSC01314 Cora decided that really, boys aren’t that much fun.

Then look who showed up


Happy Morgan with Lyndsey in tow.

That Morgan-she never fails to entertain. Oh, and did I mention Laura was there too?


Yes, she snagged a baby. Big surprise there. She actually snagged Chase first, but then couldn’t eat and run after babies, so after the meal she honed in on Morgan, and here they are.


One thing about Morgan, well, there are a whole bunch of things about Morgan, however, one thing about her is she is a good eater.

Just look


This is how I feel when I am eating cake. Only not so obvious.

We were cracking up over this.

Lyndsey sent me a little spring picture just because. And I am chuckling just seeing it.


We had a race on Saturday. The Spring Classic. It was a 15 K, or about 9.3 miles.

My friend and co worker, Patty, was there too.


Is she not cute in her skirt and pink running jacket and running shirt? I wish I could look so put together. I was in a tee shirt and sweat shirt with coffee stains. Jeepers.


We lined up, and then we ran.


After a while, I finished.


That’s me running in.


This is me at the finish


And here is Patty crossing the bridge and finishing strong.

I won 3rd place in my age division. There were probably only three of us-but still…..

I love to win a prize.

When we got home I noticed that it was prom day down in the park.


Bunch of boys in suits and girls in fancy dresses with parents taking pictures in the gusty wind.

I finished the borders on the star quilt, too.


Monday when I got to work, we had a new office.


My space is the one with the flower sticking up.


Here’s the inside.



It is actually more full than this. I took the picture before I was finished unpacking.

And here is one of our windows.



The top picture is what I look at from my office, and the bottom is what I see if I stand right in front of it. Not like the view in our old office, but still a window. Which is a measure of status in the 2100.

And now I am exhausted. It was Martha’s birthday yesterday and she got my present of 3 Irish Girls Yarn, and the Pretty Good Jokes.

Happy Birthday!

And, Happy May.

And now, I am very, very, tired.

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Amy said...

Congrats on the new office!! Windows are always a good thing!
Morgan is such a sweetie! So adorable!
I really want your black kitty! I really don't know how you can give them away after taking care of them! I can't be a foster Mom! Tell Laura good luck!
Love the quilt! You really do a good job with the coloring!
Have A Great Week!!