Monday, May 24, 2010

It’s heating up

So, now that it’s May the temperature has soared to the 90’s, with air so thick one almost has to swim through it. However, I have central air. Blessed, central air. I spend my first six years in Minnesota without it. One gets very creative when there is no central air. Hopefully, the weekend it is supposed to cool and dry off. I have a 1/2 marathon to compete in on Sunday, and I don’t think running when the starting temp is 75 with 70% humidity is so much fun.

But there was some spring like weather that has brought my perennials out.


That’s a rose bush on the left, and then some Johnny Jump Ups (I think they are violas) and a cone flower and some weird flowers that look like this.


I don’t know what they are but I like them.

                                DSC01393 DSC01392

My perennial garden in the back is coming up too.


That yellow in the front is this


Wheeeee! My heads are ready to keep watch for the summer.

DSC01400 DSC01398

Thimbleberries 09 quilt is finished and to the quilt store for quilting.


Okay, this is the first attempt at a picture. And people ask me why it takes so long to blog.

This is better. Although I still have a cat I can’t get rid of.



We had the Stay out of the Sun Run last Friday. I took 2nd in my age group. I ran the 10 K (6.2 miles) in 52.47 minutes. I lost a bit of time up the last big hills. I hate to finish that way.

We didn’t only race, though. First we had a group picture of melanoma survivors. I was all over that-hey, I didn’t have half my face removed for nothing!


Then there were bagpipers.


Then we lined up for the start.


OK, the guy in the blue shirt to the left is a guy I know from running group. Then me waving. Then behind me, the girl in the grey shirt is Nanci and next to her in pink is Katrina. They are thinking about making devil horns behind my head, but Dave couldn’t capture that image. This is as close as we get.


There were quite a few people that I knew who ran. Here we are at the finish.


Am I the only one who sweats? From left is Kris, me, Patty,  Cathy (she works in Community Well with me) Nanci, Julie, and standing on the end is Katrina. We all work for Olmsted County somehow.

Then, as I was waiting around-look who I found

DSC01427 DSC01426

Kathy Hovell!!! The one and only. Who has been in the blog before. This time she was running, but I think in the past she’s been predominately featured as race support.

Either way, I was mighty glad to see her.


Kitten says-Enjoy the week.

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caillie said...

The flowers look loveley!!!!

I always feel a bit better with all the colors, I guess because of the long winters.